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January 24, 1967
Mr . M . B. Satterfield
Exec utive Director
Atlanta Housing Authority
824 Hu:rt Building
Atlanta , Georgia 30303
Dear Mr . Satterfieldi
As you recall , last September we experienced serious disorders
along Boulevard betwe n Forrest Avenue and North Avenue . The
people participating in these disorders and other Boulevard citizens
who were not directly involved pointed to dilapidated and unsanitary
ho-u sing conditions, over .. crowding and high rents as among th
most serious problem which helped to create the conditions which
generated the disturb nces.
The City is anxious to proceed with a comprehensive Housing Code
Compliance program along this street. We feel that through
intensive enforcement of our housing codes we c n make a
substantial impact on the improvement of living conditions in
this rea.
Since Boulevard fall within the proposed Bedford .. Pine Urban
Redevelopment Project we ar-e anxious not to institute any programs
contrary to the urban red velopment plan for th area. Would trict
en£orcement of the housing cod
long both sides of Boul vard between
Forr t Av nue and North Avenue or Ponce d Leon be in conflict
with the urban redevelopment plan for reh bUitation of tructure
in this r ?
Sincer ly yours,
Iv n Allen, J~.

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