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@fFice of the Goverior
<o uegenee Atlattte:
July 10, 1968

The President
The White House
Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. President:
Facts that cannot be denied are:

Hundreds of millions of Federal dollars are
being expended by the "Anti-Poverty" and "War on
Poverty" programs to encourage, train and finance
the bums, criminals and misfits who have brought
near chaos to our Country as they burn, kill and
wreck much of America.

These funds are going to programs of the
Communists who publicly pledge to "overcome" our
Republic and "turn our Country upside down". These
Federal dollars go to participants in the Communists'
civil rights movements that, under the guise of
"equality"; spread Communism and disorder throughout
America on behalf of the deadly enemies of this

Other of these Federal dollars, belonging to
the achievers of America (the law-abiding citizens
of our society) are being used to buy prime television
and radio time to encourage, entice and direct bums,
beatniks, criminals and Communists to try and find
(or make up) complaints against employers, business
‘firms, industry, hospitals, doctors or any level of
government, The advertisements then advise the
bums, beatniks, criminals and Communists to come
to an’ "Anti-Poverty" government paid attorney and

The President
July 10 1968
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together they will attack the employers, business
firms, industry, hospitals, doctors and various
levels and agencies of government.

Sir, Federal programs such as the ones described
herein must be ended. You must know that no nation
can stand, that finances its own destruction. These
programs being fostered upon the American people are
a farce and a sham, that in the guise of helping the
poor, have made a police state out of America. Sir,
with money being thrown away as outlined herein, plus
the fact that other millions go for administrative
’ functions, while millions of the poor, the under-
privileged, the helpless and the handicapped get
little or no assistance, the "War on Poverty", in
reality, is a war on liberty, free enterprise, law
and order, the right to private property and the
education, welfare, safety and health of the people
of America.

The first and foremost responsibility of any
government is the protection of the lives and
properties of its citizens and the "War on Poverty"
programs are contributing to the failure of the
United States government to meet this responsibility.

I urge that you give immediate consideration to
the formation of a new program, that in reality will
help the poverty stricken, the handicapped and the
helpless...and when it is made ready for operation,
to end the present "War on Poverty" that helps the
bums, the criminals, the beatniks and the Communists
to wreck and ruin this great land.


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