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Box 3, Folder 12, Document 59

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Econom ic Opp ort11nity Atlanta, Inc .
101 Mariett a Str.eet Bldg.
Acl a nta , Georg ia 30 30 3 •
Telephone 688-3010
T. M. Parh a m
E xec ut ive Admini s craco r
July 11, 1968
Superintendent Clinton Chafin
Police-Detective Departme nt
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Superintendent Chafin:
I ~min receipt of a letter dated June 3, 1968 (copy of which
was sent to you) f rom Chief of Police Jenkins in response to
my letters of May 27 and April 29, pertaining to the the ft of
office machine s a nd e quipme nt stolen from Econo.,·i c Opportunity
Atlanta Neighborhood Se r v ice Center s and agencie s.
Please advise when I may expect the information reques ted in
refer enced lett ers.
Yours ~rul y ,
0. H:· Gronke
Director of Purchas ing
Chi ef of Po lic e J e nk ins
Mr . Dan Swe a t , Ci ty Ha ll L-- ____.-

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