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September 4, 1968


To: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.

From: Dan Sweat

Attached is a memorandum from Jim Parham outlining the cutback
in Federal funds for our training programs.

We have been in contact with Bill Norwood, Regional Manpower
Administrator, and he has no objection to our contacting Stanley
Rothenburg, the Manpower Administrator for Willard Wirtz.

There is a pretty good indication that some big city mayors have
called Rothenburg about cutbacks in their programs and have gotten
favorable results. Jim and I feel that it would be very helpful if

you would telephone Rothenburg and express your concern that the
one million dollar cutback will seriously affect the City's ability to
maintain our momentum in cutting down on hard-core unemployment.

If you talk to him it might also be helpful to tell him your support
Sam Caldwell's request for the Labor Department to waive a freeze
which has existed on conducting power sewing machine training
courses, There is a great demand for power sewing machine
operators in the Atlanta area and Caldwell has been attempting to
get the ban lifted on training people for this employment. He and
Rothenburg are pretty good griends and it mighg be another plus if
we support Sam in this regard.

Secretary Rothenburg's number is 202-961-5464. His personal
secretary is Miss Eula M. Burton.


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