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Economic. Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.
101 Marietta Street Bldg. • Atl a nta , Georgia 30303 . •
Telephone 688-3010
. T. M. Parham;
Executive Admini s trat o r
September 24, 1968
City of Atlanta
Department of Police
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Superintendent, Clinton Chafin
Dear Mr. Chafin:
Please refer to my letter of August -9, 1968 to which was attached
a copy of serially numbered items reported missing and stolen from
Neighborhood Service Center agencies of Economic Opportunity A~lanta,
Attached herewith is an additional listing of items reported stolen
subsequent to preparation of the list referred to above.
Please advise whether the City of Atlanta Police Department has
had success in recovering any of the · items listed.
The loss of equipment now e xceeds $10,000.00, and as stated in my
previous corresponden~e Economic Opportunity Atlanta has no insurance
to cover these .lo sses, coupled with a _ limited bud get for replacement,
we are most desirous of reco~ering these -items.
Please call me at 688-3010 if you require additiona l information.
Yours truly,
0. H. .Gronke
Director of Pur chasing
Chief of Police J enkins
Mr. Dan Sweat

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