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Atlanta, Georgia
August 22, 1968

Suggested Remarks: Mr. Dan Sweat, Mayor's Office

Ladies and gentlemen, I bid you welcome to ceremonies introducing

another nationally acclaimed community program to Atlanta. [In

pictures and words, a timely and unique social program is described
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that already is-at—work in our Georgia area.

Its importance is recognized in the following proclamation issued

by our Mayor.

(Read proclamation or excerpts)

Job Corps has an important story to tell. It is a story that has
been told through this Exhibition in New York and in Chicago. [In

fact, only ten cities of the nation have been selected as exhibition

points, so Atlanta is in elite company.

Thanks go to Scripto, Inc., as our towns sponsor -- one of several

leading national corporations bringing this graphic report to

business centers of the United States.

This is another forward step for Scripto, long associated with
community progress. We are delighted that Arthur Harris, President
of Scripto, has returned from Paris in time to personally tell you

about this effort.

Mr. Sweat

(After Mr. Harris): Thank you, Mr. Harris, our city applauds your

efforts in the arts and your high sense of

public service.

Another good,business citizen of Atlanta

has provided the stage for this show in one

of the finest public locations available.

May I present Mr. Douglas Smith, Vice President
of The First National Bank, our host for the


Sm bh
(After Mr. Sweat): Thank you, Sir.

Behind this exhibition and Job Corps recognition
are several creators and administrators, whom
you must meet. They share the real, very

real, assignment of making this program work im

terms of producing successful young people.


First, may I present Mr. David Oestreich,
Associate Director of Job Corps, from program

headquarters in Washington, D. C.

(Mr. Oestreich to stand)

(After Mr. Oestreich) It's very nice to have you and your associates

(After Mr. Suttle)

(After Mr. Parham)

in Atlanta. You have given us a great display.

Now, the Director of Work and Training Activities

going on, day - to - day, throughout this area --

Mr. William Suttle, Regional Director of the
Office of Economic Opportunity.

(Mr. Suttle moves to lectern for remarks).

Ve é

Thank you for those very informative words.


Behind this program and busy ard muc

our city is |Mr/W ar

Economic Opportunity - Atlanta.

I would like for you to meet Mr. Parham.

(Mr. Parham to stand)

And now, Mr. Arthur Harris ...

(Mr. Harris to lectern for closing remarks)
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