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Atlanta, Georgia
August 22, 1968

Suggested Remarks: Mr. Arthur Harris
(Mx. Harrig moves to lectern, following close of
his introduction by Mr. Dan Sweat of the Mayor's
I am pleased to hear our business, and business nationally praised
for leadership in a new, promising venture combining the resources
of government and business. Of all the cities selected for this
exhibit, I believe Atianta has the greatest familiarity with the

problems and one of the greatest records of progress in solving


The problem is the reclamation of promising young people, giving
them hope for success in this world and the training te support
their dreams. The means to this goal, and it's only one of the

avenues being created through business men, is Job Corps.

This exhibit is a graphic report of progress and aspirations --
not simply another purely artistic photographic display. This,
in effect, is “art to learn from" and the entire focus ie on
education, for education looms as the factor most essential to
tomorrow's forward thrust and the sense of responsibility that
must be revived in America. H8ducation ia the only way to bring

new, deserving families into our consumer and community mainstream.


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Suggested Remarks: (Continued) Mr. Arthur Harris

Job Corps has been doing positive things. It has an exciting

etory to tell. There are two vast problems confronting our
country which are recognized in every opinion poll -- the Viet Nam
War and the war against poverty. The Job Corps along with business

men, and more and more citizens, are becoming increasingly

concerned with the second -- poverty.

Job Corps is one of the major national programs of the Office of
Economic Opportunity. It's goal is to hault the poverty cycle of
future generations, which is proving s0 costiy to thia country.
Job Corps is dedicated to training "totally failed” 16 to 21 year
olds an@ establishing them in society as productive, tax paying



This is truly a marvelous exhibit. You will be most interested in
the new design and graphic techniques and the audio-visual devices
for presenting information. As you will s00n see, the Job Corps
exhibit in Atlanta has a business-like, good citizenship point
that is vital to all of us. sSeripto is indeed proud to play a

role in bringing this exhibit to Atlanta.

Remarks by Mr. Harris - (Continued)

Gentlemen (to those on platform) thank you very much for the

important roles you have taken in this Atlanta Exhibition.

Before closing, may I introduce one, very special and attractive
guest. She is the feminine touch for this parade of men. Miss

Betty Patterson represents a spectacular, Job Corps success story.

She is a native of Macon, Georgia, as her pubiicity throughout
Atlanta has noted, and her Job Corps training led to a glamorous

career as a United Air Lines stewardess.

I know you will want to meet her during the evening. Betty, will

you please stand.

It is my pleasure to invite the audience, officially and personally,
now to enjoy the opening of the 1968 Job Corps Exhibition,

"A CHANCE TO BE SOMEBODY", and express my hope that the entire

city will be our guest and the First National's guest to visit

the display many times during it's Atlanta stay. Thank youl

(Official party exits platform)

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