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January 30, 1967
ATLANTA, GA. 30303
Tel. 522 -4463 Ar ca Code 404
R. EARL LANDERS, Administrat ive Assistant
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Execut ive Secret ary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison
Mr. William R. Wofford
Ivan Allen', Jr.
Housing Code Enforcement - Boulevard
As you recall, last September the shooting of two Negro youths
by a white man on Boulevard touched off several days of serious
disorders in that area from Forrest Avenue to Ponce de Leon
Although the disorders were proj e cted by the shooting incident,
conditions in the area were such that the possibility of such an
explosion occurring had been present for some time.
The main p roble m s pointe d out b y res i d nts of t h e a r ea w e r e
primarily centered around housing conditions including overcrowdedness, high rents, roach e s and rats, and other sanitation
Since the Septe mber incident we have made some progress toward
b e tte r g arbage and trash collection, e nforcement of health m e asures,
and elimination of major criticisms in the area of traffic safety.
The r e has also been much planning in the area of providing for
r e cr e ational programs.
Howe v er , t h e major problem still exis t i ng is one w hich can o nly
be solved by strict enfo rcement of the Housing Co-de. T h e r e fore ,
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Mr. W offord
P age Two
January 30, 1967
I a n,. r e questin g tha t your d e p a rtme nt i m m e di a tely i n itiate compre h e ns iv e H o usin g C o d e--inspe ctions a lon g both sides of Boule vard
frorn F o rr e st Av e nue to Ponc e d e L e on a nd that property owners
by r e quir e d to comply with the City's code s.
You m ay b e ass ur e d of full coope r a tion of m y" offic e , the H ousing
Auth ority, EOA and othe r agen cies conc e r ne d with e limination
of unfit housing cori'ditions and relocation of residents into
standard dwellings.
Plea s e inform m e as to how soon y o u can init i a te inspections along
th i s str ee t and the anticipated l e n g th o f time which will b e r e qui re d
to c omple t e such c ode enforc e m e nt.
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