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Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.
101 Ma rietta Street Bldg. • Atlanta, Georgi a 30 30 3 •
T. M. Parh a m
Exec uti ve Adm in is tra t o r
October 25, 1968
Mr. Dan Sweat, Director
Governmental Liaison
. City Hall Comptroller
68 Mitchell Street, S .W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Mr. Sweat
Enclosed is a cooperative agreement in duplicate betw e en the Neighborhood
Youth Corps Sponsor, Economic Opportunity Atlant a , Inc. and y our a gency for the
fiscal year of 1968-69. Renewal of this agreement will be determin e d by the
Sponsor and will be based on funding of the program for another fiscal year.
Forms are ~ttached to be completed on each Ne ighborhood Youth Corps work
clas~ifi~ation within your agency. Please compl e t e the work cl a ssification
forms and return with the original copy ~f the sign ed agr e eme nt.
If you have any questions reg ~rding this agreement, pl e as e contact me
at 688-6232.
Since re l y ,
Charl es K. Pie rc e , Director
Neighborhood Youth Corps
Out-o f- School Program
CK;P :wµ1b
Enc losu r e
y ;,~

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