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Form Number and
Project Title

Total Cost



Description of Program

P,A, 01 - CAA

$496, 043

$61, 587

$434, 456

The Administrative Unit of this CAA

is designed to provide direction for

all phases of EOA's programs in
achieving goals. This involves the
responsibility and accountability of

all funds; managerial support relative
to personnel services; community
relations; program development and
evaluation: and the coordination of EOA
services with other agencies.

P,A, 07 - Neighborhood

Service Systems

1, 296, 905


841, 286

The Neighborhood Service Centers are
the delivery system for services of the
Community Action Agency. This pro-
gram accounts provide for the effective
administration of the Neighborhood
Services Center Project and includes
activities suchas implementation,
staffing, planning, supervision, training,
coordination, evaluation, and the
mobilization of people in order that

the objectives of NSC are achieved, i

P,A, 08 - Community


360, 130

360, 130


Community Organization seeks to
involve people of a common area in
understanding their problems, and
attempts to give these persons hope
in meeting problems together for
community stability where mutual
contributions will achieve the desired
benefits with a sense of worth and

Form Number and
Project Title

Total Cost



Description of Program

P,A, ll - Job Develop-
ment and Placement

120, 361

120, 361

This program is designed to develop
meaningful jobs and to place approxi-
mately 4,000 unemployed and under-
employed male and female heads of
household and youth dropouts in the
fourteen traget areas of this CAA and
to increase training opportunities for
these individuals,

P,A, 14 - Foster

113, 764


88, 731

The purpose of.this program is to employ —
impoverished older persons ina service *
role to institutionalized children who are
deprived of a close, affectionate relation-
ship with mature adults. This project,

is, in fact, dual in both purpose and
benefits. For the older person whose
income is both fixed and limited, it
provides an income to meet the basic
needs of food, shelter, medical care and
other items peculiar to their needs.

P,A, 19 - Day Care
(West End Child
Development Center)

164, 017

114, 242


The purpose of this programis to pro- ,

* vide a comprehensive program of child
‘development activities for fifty children

between the ages of three and eight,
Older persons will be recruited, trained
and placed in groups of 15 each fora
three months period, e.g., four groups
of 15 each completing 4 weeks of class-
room instruction and 8 weeks of field
placement before employment for a
total of 60 persons,

Form Number and
Project Title

Total Cost



Description of Program

PA. 23'= Full Year

765, 741

160, 031

605, 710

Seven centers - The purpose of this
project is to give full year, all day care

to children so that parents can train for
jobs or take jobs free of the anxiety

for the children while they are at work.
Also, for the improvement of the child's
physical and dental health so that they

can grow and learn to their best

capacities. Priority is given to the most
culturally deprived children and to families
in greatest need.

P.,A, 24 - Summer

This program will serve 3,050 low
income children, ages 4, 5, and 6 who
will be attending school in the fall for
the first time, for 4 to 6 hours, 5 days
a week during an eight week period in
the summer of 1969,

P,A, 47 - Family


30, 223


120, 892

Nine family planning clinics located in e

target areas will be available to low lid
income residents in order to acquaint “
‘the medically indigent so that they too

will know that family planning services n

are available, and to provide such
services at a time that is convenient,

at a place that is accessible, and at a low
cost or no cost,

Form Number and
Project Title

Total Cost



Description of Program

P,A, 51 - General
Services - Social
Service Counseling

409, 532

409, 532

Social Service Counseling - This pro-
gram deals with the continuous
counseling of indigent persons to help
them develop an appreciation of them-
selves, aS well as an appreciation of
their own skills and abilities and to
link these persons with available
Further, this account will
attempt to help residents develop pro-
grams to meet their needs within the


Center and other agencies in the develop-

ment of new services,

P,A, 52 - Consumer

86, 294

34, 069

52, 225

Within the East Central and Northwest
target areas, this program will
address problems facing the low-
income consumer such as explorative
pricing practices on the part of neigh-
borhood grocers and slum landlords;
incidence of home management problems
reflected through the lack of budget
control, meal planning and a feeling of
family well-being and small business
‘ventures designed to serve with owner-
ship being vested in the poor,

P.,A, 54 « Emergency
Financial Assistance

7, 335


This emergency financial assistance
program proposes to make limited funds
available to participants of the CAA's
projects for critical purposes such as
transportation to and from a new job until
the first pay has been earned; transpor-

tation to hospital or doctor in times of
emergency; lodging; food; housing relocation
and emergency financial loans,



Form Number and
Project Title

Total Cost



Description of Program

P,A, 57 - Legal Services

647, 261

126, 014

521, 247

This program offers legal representation
for indigent citizens to educate them in

the functions of the law. The program
will furnish legal advice, prepare docu-
ments, negotiate legal controversies,
represent clients in court, and counsel
indigent people regarding the legal process
of the law. The program operates out of
five offices and proposes two additional
centers for the upcoming year.

P. A. 59 - Special
Projects - Summer

Summer recreation has three major
emphasis - employment for residents

in target areas, recreation for the total
family environment, and aultural activities.
This program is designed to serve 60, 000
youth and their families.

_P,A, 60 - Recreation

This recreation program is designed to
meet the recreational, social, cultural,
and aesthetic needs of the young adult
and teenager in the fourteen target areas
of the CAA. Further, this program
attempts to broaden the scope of
recreation to encompass understanding,
guidance, and direction.

Form Number and
Project Title

Total Cost



Federal -

Description of Program

P,A, 65 - Senior
Opportunities and
Services (Multi Service
Centers for the Elderly)

229, 969

127, 103

102, 866

The purpose of this project is to create

an environment which enables deprived
older people to fulfill their potential

rather than becoming a burden to the
community - contributing to the community
and becoming a source of strength in the
community. Three high rise units are
now operating with a total of 650 units of
families and single persons 65 years and
older being served.

P.A,. 76 - General
Technical Assistance
to Communities


The purpose of this program is to
develop effective and -functional
management which will provide leader-
ship and direction to the activities of
community action programs and
projects within the organization so

that the goals and objectives of serving
indigents and alleviating poverty are
realized. Management, therefore, will
address the elements of operation,
control, and coordination,

$4, 909, 894

$1, 133, 921

S34 755. 9¢5


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