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Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.
101 Mari etta Str ee t Bl dg . • Acl a nca , Georgia 30 30 3 •
T. M. P a rham
Exec uti v e Ad mini s t rato r
December 18 , 1968
People must constantly ask you, as they ask me, "What
can I do?" and "How can I find out what's going on?"
Because so many are asking these questions , we have
tried to provide new ways for them to learn first hand
about Atlanta's needs and to become personally involved
as volunteers.
In January many civic, religious and social groups
will join EOA in a START NOW ATLANTA campaign to alert
citizens to Atlanta's needs. The week of January 12 will
be proclaimed START NOW ATLANTA week .
I hope that y our organization will be able to participate by planning special programs, visiting Atlanta's
slums as guests of poor people, or by volunteering as a
group or as ind i viduals .
I am enclos i ng brief background ma terial plus
information abo u t two p r ograms which will be introduced
during START NOW ATLANTA week.
Please l et me know i f I c an suppl ~ othe r information.
Jim Pa rham
Admi ni s tra t o r

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