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February 1, 1967
Mr. C . O . Emmerich
Economic Opportwuty Atlanta , Inc.
101 Marietta Street, N . W .
Atlanta,. Georgia 30303
Dear Cha:rlie :
Attached is a eopy of a mem.orandum to Mr. William Wofford;
Building Official. Mr. Wofford informs me initiation of
Housing Code enforcement will begi n today.
We realize that ueh comprehensive enforcement of the Code
will produce some problems for many of the residents who might
be forced to relocate should it b necessary to order the demolition
of structures which are so deteriorated that they cannot be brought
up to Code standards .
The emerg ncy hou ing as istance progr m conducted by EOA
and the Atlanta Hou lng Authority the last four months in 1966
ptovid d much n ed d help to more than 140 £ milie who were
forced to reloca.t bee use of eviction by 1 ndlords or as a
re ult of Code nforcement. I hope that EOA will be able to
provide the same servic to r sident of the B oulevard are ~
Mr. Johnny Robinson, Community Development Coordinator
of my office, ha been in cont ct with your East Central EOA
eta.ff and aleo with the Be ford.Pine Urban Renewal Project
of!ic • He will b available to as i t your p ople in seeing
that the needs of the families in this are ar met.
M r. Emmerich
Page Two
February l , 1967
We will appreciate
lines .
nything you might be able to do along these
Sincerely yours ;
Ivan Allen, Jr .
lAJr :fy
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