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Box 3, Folder 14, Document 13

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June 8, 1970
Mr . Robert E . Scott, Chairman
Mr . Mi chael Banks , Representative
Central Youth Council
E c onomic Oppo rtunity Atlanta~ Inc .
101 Marietta Street Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Gentlemen :
This is to acknowledge your letter requesting representation for the
Central Youth Council on the C~munity Relati ons Commission. The
Board of Aldermen at it next meeting will con ider an oi-dinance to
amend the City Charter to provide for the addition of two student
members on the Community Relations Commission.
We hope that the Aldermen will provide the e po ition to be filled
by young citizens of Atlanta. I will certainly consider your :reque t
if and when I am called upon to make the e appointments.
Sincer ly,
Sam Ma
SM :sdm
co: Rev. Sam Willi m

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