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1-·~k--··- - ·-- - --- -··- -·
Members of the Human Relations Committee met at City Hall on
Friday, September 9, 1966, at _2 :30 1 p. m. with the following members
A ld - n ,1c.1 n Milton Farris
Mr. Charles Hart
Vice Mayor Sam Mas s e ll, Jr., Acting Chairman
Alderman G. Eve r e tt Millican
Mrs. Eliza P a schall
Mrs. Dorothy Bolder Thompson
Rev. Samuel Williams
Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Director of Governmental Liaison for the City of
Atlanta, was also p,resent.
The meeting was called for the purpose of formal organization of the
committee. However, due to the fact that a quorum was not present,
it was agreed to postpone this f or a future me e ting. The g roup then
discussed the role of the commi tte e a n d possible activitie s and programs
to be accomplished.
Some of the sugge ste d programs or improveme nts include d :
Alderman Farris sugge sted a n ordinance by the Board of
Alde rme n prohibiting building of h ous es on unpave d s t r eets .
The group disc u ssed a demons t ration proj ect whereby a
small area (pe rhaps a city block) in disad vantaged neigh borhoods could b e comple t e ly cle a re d a nd inexp e nsive
but s ub s t anti al s i ngle fami l y d w e lling s built b ack a s r ent a l
p:rqperty q:r a~ pu:ri;;hg,;=rn p:rope:rty, .A$ one i:!:rea is
completed the program would then move to another area
rather than taki ng in the large sections as under the present
urban rene w a l programs .
(3 )
Mr. Massell suggested that a listing of problems and a
schedule of priority of needs be compile d and suggested
the Atlanta Chapter of the N ational Ass ociation for InterGroup Relations Offic~als be contacted to obtain their
�,._ .........~ ..
- ------ - ···
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The group discussed the value of a survey of the re si~ents
of the disadvantaged areas to determine what they feel are
tJ1cil· ~rc..'atcst needs and problen1s. There were many
s uggestions as to how to conduc;:t such a survey including:
A professional survey
A survey carried out by amateurs (such as the EOA
Neighborhood Aides) as the people might discuss
their problems more freely with this group than
with professional persons
Community meetings with members of the Board
of Aldermen
It was suggested that a fulltime staff and budget be recommended
as part of a permanent Human Relations Commission. It was
agreed that the City should have one person responsible for all
needs and activity in this field.
Sinc e most of the discussion c entered around the problems of housing,
it was suggested that Federal authorities from the D e partment of
Housing and Urban D evelopment be asked to attend the next meeting
to explain their -programs and the services this department can render
in solving this problem.
Mrs. Paschall agreed to review the material and information obtained
from the U. S. Conference of Mayors and the Civil Rights Commis sion
on Human Relations Commissions of other cities and prepare a brief
summary for the members of the co1nmittee.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p. m. with the next meeting scheduled
for Thiu;§gey, $~pt~mb~r ii~ 1966, ~t i:o o p~ m !

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