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February 2, 1967
Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
City Hall
68 Mitchell Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mayor Allen:
The best current estimate of the initiation of execution activities
in the Urban Redevelopment Project is approximately November 1, 1967. Your l etter of January 24 calls our attention to the
problems which have been experienced. in the Boulevard. area between
Forrest Avenue and. North Avenue.
Because of the length of time before execution activities can
begin, we agree that it would. be helpful to initiate strict housing
code enforcement along both sides of Boulevard. from Forrest Avenue all
the way to Ponce de Leon. Such action would. be in keeping with the
Urban Redevelopment Plan for the area. Since some structures fronting
on Boulevard. are in such condition as to be uneconomical to rehabilitate
or constitute non-conforming land. uses, our staff should. consult with
the Housing Code Enforcements s taff in order to avoid. requi r ing owners
to demolish structures which the Plan will propose for acquisition.
It should. be clearly understood. that owners of s tructures
Bedford-Pine Project area will not be eli gible for the special
of Federal assistance until a loan and. grant contract has been
These special forms of assistance are Section 312 low-interest
loans and. Section 220 FHA insured. rehabilitation loans.
in the
f orms
It is our hope that housi ng code enforcement action will be ins trumental in alleviating some of the more serious problems in thi s
Very truly yours,
Executive Directo

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