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Box 3, Folder 14, Document 45

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Mr . Eugene T . Br nch, Chairman
The Community Council of the Atlanta Area , Inc .
c/o Jones , Bird and H owell
Fourth Floor Haa. .. ffowell B uilding
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Gene :
Thank you for giving m the lat st status report on Volu.oteers
Unlimited . This i
s rvice long ne ded in th city.
The proper utlliz tion of volunteer citizens i
very difficult
t sk to handle . M tching th e volunteer with commu.o.ity
n eds in the most · ffleient and c:onst:ructlve manner is something that just doesn't take place without lot of org nb:ation
nd const t tt ntion. We hav found in City Hall th ton many
occ sion we h v h d to turn down ofie'1:' of • istanc from
highly motivated volunte~rs bee u e of 1 ek of prop r machinery
to coordinat the volunte r fforts .
It look
if the timing on Volunt er Unlimit: d i ju t bout
right nd l am ur th t e are going to be v ry thankful that
you nd the orga.niz tion took the inWi tlve to stabll h this
et.fort now th t the N tlon Administration h
kicked off the
Volunteer Action Progr m in the D partment of Housing n d Urbnn
De velopm.ent. I hop th t you will make our Model Citi
w r of w t you h ve to off r
other City dep nm nt
d gencl
Th nks
gain on b hall of the City tor your fin work.
Sincerely youre,
I an Allen. Jr.
M yor

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