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Atlanta 3, Georgia

; President, Board of Aldermen

November 10, 1966

TO: Alderman Rodney M. Cook
Alderman Milton G. Farris
Alderman John M, Flanigen
Alderman Richard C, Freeman

| Mr. Charles Hart

Alderman Charles Leftwich

| Alderman G. Everett Millican

Mrs. Eliza Pascall

Mr. L. D. Simon

Mr. Benny T. Smith

Alderman Jack Summers

Mrs. Dorothy Bolder Thompson

The Rev. Samuel Williams

FROM: Sam Massell, Jr., Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee for
Establishment of Community Relations Commission

The resolution establishing our ad hoc committee directed that we
recommend to the Board of Aldermen the structure, membership and
budget for a proposed permanent community relations commission. As
most of you probably know, the Board of Aldermen at its meeting on
November 7 adopted a charter amendment which formally creates said
commission. f


It is now necessary that we prepare bur recommendations on the
membership and budget, for which purpose I ask you to attend a meeting -
at 10:00 a.m., Thursday, November 17, in committee rodém No, 1 on the
second floor of city hall.

The charter amendment provides that the commission shall consist of
20 members appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Board of
Aldermen. With this in mind - - and with good attendance at our meeting
on the 17th - - it is probable that we could submit our recommendations
to the Mayor on that day, which would give him time to compose his
final list for submission to the Board of Aldermen at its next regular
meeting on the following Monday (November 21). This means that if
you will make a special effort to attend this meeting on the 17th, this
could - for all practical purposes - be our last meeting, and we could
dissolve our ad hoc committee upon the establishment of the permanent

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