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NOVEMBER 17, 1966

Members of the Human Relations Committee met at City Hall on
Thursday, November 17, 1966, at 10:00 a.m, with the following
members present:

Vice Mayor Sam Massell, Jr., Chairman
Alderman Rodney Cook
Alderman Milton G. Farris
Alderman Richard C. Freeman
Mr. Charles Hart

Alderman Charles Leftwich
Alderman G. Everett Millican
Mrs. Eliza Paschall

Mr. Benny T. Smith

Alderman Jack Summers

Mrs, Dorothy Bolder Thompson

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Massell and the Committee
considered the recommendations of the sub-committee appointed to

submit nominees for membership on the Community Relations Commission.
After discussion of the sub-committee's report and additional nominations
by the Committee members, the following individuals were recommended
to Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. for consideration:

1. Mr. James Moore, President, Atlanta Labor Council


Mr. ‘E. L. Abercrombie

International Vice President

Secretary=Treasurer Local 218

Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Dye House Workers
International Union .

Board of Directors, Atlanta Urban League

2. Rabbi Jacob Rothschild, The Temple

3. Miss Helen Bullard, Consultant, Toombs, Amisano and Wells


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Human Relations Committee Minutes
November 17, 1966
Page Two





Mrs. Sara Baker, Resident of Peoplestown Section

Mr. Arthur Smith, Manager of Perry Homes
Public Housing Development

Dr. Cleveland Dennard, Principal, Carver High School
Mr. Robert Dobbs, Resident of Perry Homes

Mr. C.G. Ezzard, Resident of Summerhill-Mechanicsville

Rev. Joseph L. Griggs, Gordon Street Presbyterian Church


Mr. Edgar Schukrait, Schukraft's Florist
Archbishop Paul Hallinan, Atlanta Archdiocese


The Rev. Kernan, St. Anthony's Catholic Church
Mr. Charles Hart, Member of Human Relations Committee
Mr. James H. Moore, Attorney


Me. irving Kaler

Mr. David Goldwasser

Mr. Hamilton Douglas, Jr.
Mr. Mills B. Lane, C & S National Bank


Mr. Mike Cheatam

Mr. J. Ben Moore

Mr. W. L. Duvall
Mr. Lucien Oliver

Human: Relations Committee Minutes
November 17, 1966
Page Three

13. Mr. Joseph Haas, Attorney

Mrs. Fred Patterson, Former President of United Church Women


Mrs. L. L. Austin, United Church Women
Mrs. Carl J. Bliem, President, United Church Women

Mrs. Mary Stephens, Resident of Lakewood Section .
Mr. James Townsend, Editor, Atlanta Magazine
Alternates: -
Mr. Ray Moore
Mr. Ben Perry
Mr. Al Keuttner
Mr. Mike Davis

Mrs. Dorothy Bolder Thompson, Member of Human Relations

Rev. Samuel Williams, Member of Human Relations Committee
Rev. Fred Stair, Central Presbyterian’Church |
Rev. Allison Williams, Trinity Presbyterian Church
Mr. Robeit Mitchell, Vice President of Lockheed
Mr. Robert M. Wood, Sears, Roebuck and Company
| Mr. W. A. Parker, Sr., Beck & Gregg

4 Mr. John Wilson, Horne Wilson & Company

The Community Relations Commission charter provides that the Mayor
shall nominate individuals to serve on this Commission to the Board of

Human Relations Committee Minutes
November 17, 1966
Page Four

Aldermen for their approval. It also provides that the Mayor shall appoint
six individuals for one year terms, seven for two year terms, and seven
for three year terms and shall appoint one member as Chairman. . ,

It was also agreed that the names of all individuals considered for
membership on this Commission be submitted to the Community Relations
Commission for consideration on any advisory committees which might:
be established.

The Committee also voted to recommend a budget for the first year of .
$30, 000 which Mr. Farris will have included in the Finance Committee

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned sine die.

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