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January 13, 1967
Mr . Al Kuettner
675 Sherwood Road, N. E .
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
Dear Al:
Mayor Allen has asked me to answer yo\U" letteT of January 4
regarding grants which have been made to the City which would
be of concern to the Cornmimity Relations Commission. I
have been out of town and I am sorry that you~ letter has not
been answered sooner .
The only c\U'rent grant that I ~ow o! which might be of
intei-eet to you would be the $23 , 000 gr nt from the Stern
Family Fund. Attach dis a copy of the announcement put
out by the Stern Family Fund which I think explains the intent
of the gt nt.
We have employed Johnny Robinson to direct this demonstration
ptoject and Johnny is now located in Room 1204 in City Hall .
in the process of completing a comprehensive outline
of the project from the execution standpoint and I will make
this available to you in th next few days .
We ar
Please call me if you need any further inform tion .
Sincerely yours.
Dan Sweat

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