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January 13, 1967

Mr. Al Kuettner
675 Sherwood Road, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Dear Al:

Mayor Allen has asked me to answer your letter of January 4
regarding grants which have been made to the City which would
be of concern to the Comminmity Relations Commission. I
have been out of town and I am sorry that your letter has not
been answered sooner,

The only current grant that I know of which might be of
interest to you would be the $23, 000 grant from the Stern
Family Fund, Attached is a copy of the announcement put
out by the Stern Family Fund which I think explains the intent
of the grant.

We have employed Johnny Robinson to direct this demonstration
project and Johnny is now located in Room 1204 in City Hall.

We are in the process of completing a comprehensive outline
of the project from the execution standpoint and I will make
this available to you in the next few days.

Please call me if you need any further information,

Sincerely yours,

Dan Sweat

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