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January 13, 1967
M:r . Sydney Wi rsdorfer
Program Devel opment and
Evaluation Speciali t
Community Action Program Committee
1209 Li!e 0£ America Building
Fort Worth, Texa 76102
De r Mr. Wirsdor.£er:
The Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Atlanta have
rec ntly authoriz d the establishment of C ommunity Relations
Commission. Thi Commi sion i in the formation tage at the
present tim and it will be a few more weeks before we will be
abl to answer th queatlon in your January 5 letter in detail .
The City has appropriated $30 , 000 for the e tablishm.ent nd
opelt'a.tion of the Commi sion. dudng the c\U':r nt y ar . However,
the development of det il staffing plans h
not b en completed
at the pre ent time . We wUl be gl d to funu. h you with the e
they ha.v b en completed.
The Conuni sion is ere tion of the Mayor and Board of Alderinen
and ia compo ed of tw nty member :tecomm.ended by an ad hoc
~om.mitt e e tablbh d by the Alderman.l e Bo rd. This committe
w • composed of Aldei- -n and a cros section of citi~ens . Th
M yor made th ppointments.
Tb r is no direct 1"elatlon hip to th loc comm.unity ctlon
goncy, Economic Opportunity Atlanta, In<:. How ver, I m sur
th t
the Commia ion b gins to function v ry close rel tion•hlp will be e t bU. hed ..
I will forward your letter to th
C ommieslon
o t
t whenev r
�Mr. Wirsdorfer
Page Two
January 13, 1967
an Executiv Director i · employed copi
projects may be forw rd d to you.
oj r ports and
Sincerely your ,
Iv n Allen, Jr.
M yor

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