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January 13, 1967

Mr. Sydney Wirsdorfer
Program Development and
Evaluation Specialist
Community Action Program Committee
1209 Life of America Building
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Dear Mr. Wirsdorfer:

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Atlanta have
recently authorized the establishment of a Community Relations
Commission. This Commission is in the formation stage at the
present time and it will be a few more weeks before we will be
able to answer the questions in your January 5 letter in detail.

The City has appropriated $30, 000 for the establishment and
operation of the Commission during the current year. However,
the development of detail staffing plans has not been completed
at the present time. We will be glad to furnish you with these
as soon as they have been completed.

The Commission is a creation of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen
and is composed of twenty members recommended by an ad hoc
committee established by the Aldermanic Board. This committee
was composed of Aldermen and a cross section of citizens. The
Mayor made the appointments.

There is no direct relationship to the local community action
agency, Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc. However, I am sure
that as the Commission begins to function a very close relation-
ship will be established,

I will forward your letter to the Commission so that whenever

Mr, Wirsdorfer
Page Two
January 13, 1967

an Executive Director is employed copies of reports and activity
projects may be forwarded to you.

Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.


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