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DECbMBEH 14 , 1966
Members of the Community Relations Commission met for their organizational
meeting on Wednesday, December 14, 1966, at 2:00 p. m. in City Hall. The
following members were present:
Mr. Irving K. Kaler, Chairman
Mr. T. M. Alexander, Sr.
Mrs. Sara Baker
Miss Helen Bullard
Dr. Cleveland D e nnard
Mr. Robert Dobbs
Mr. C. G. Ezzard
Mr. A. L . Feldman
Rev. Joseph L. Griggs
Mr . Joseph Haas
Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan
Mr. Al Kuettner
Mrs. Fred Patterson
Rabbi Jacob Rothschild
Mrs. Mary Stephens
Rev. Samuel Williams
Mayor I v an Allen, Jr. called the meeting to order and spoke briefly regarding
this ne w ly created Commission. He e x press e d the City's appreciation to the
members of the Commission for their interest and willingness to serve a nd
to all those w ho have furnished leadership and have worked to see the Community
Relations Commission established. H e revie w ed the functions of the Commission
a s d e signated in the charter and charge d the g roup as to their duties and
re s ponsibilities . He then introduced t he Community Relations Commission
Chai r man, Mr . I r ving Kale r , and tu r n e d the m e eting o v er to him.
Mr. :Kale 1' thahked M a y o :1' A llen :fo r himself a hd fo:r his fe llow tnetnbet's fo-r
the confid en c e shown i n thei r a ppointme nts . H e st a t e d the membe rs of the
Commi s sion rec o gni zed the challenge and a cc e pte d it . H e also s tate d he
f elt the g reate s t r esour ce o f the city wa s i t s p e ople a nd t his Commiss i o n
seeks to reserve and de v e lop thi s res o urce s o tha t Atla nta can have a f o rce
and economic climate to maintain i t s po s ition of leader ship. He then introduced
Vice Mayor Sam Mas sell, Jr., who has been so instrumental in the creation of
this Commission.
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, ~
Community Relations Commission Minutes
December 14, 1966
Page Two
Mr. Massell expressed his pleasure in seeing this Commission' become a
reality and told the group of the earlier meetings and committees preceding
this Comn,i ssion. He made the following recommendations for the Commission's
conside ration as their program is established:
Consideration of those individuals considered for membership on the
Commission and those who have expressed interest in assisting in this
work for utilization in advisory committees or similar capacities.
A mass meeting with representatives of the disadvantaged neighborhoods
in an attempt to catalog the grievances in the community.
A conference or consulting session with the professional representatives
of the local human relations groups to benefit from their experiences
and ideas.
Inquire into the possibility of an Office of Economic Opportunity grant
possibly in the amount of $130, 000 to establish a fair housing center in
Mr. John Field, Director of the Community Relations Service of the U. S.
Conference of Mayors, spoke to the group regarding his experiences and
observations of the activities and undertakings of other commissions around
the country. He stated that these groups played various roles in each
community including such things as performing advisory functions for the
governing bodies, handling complaints and grie vances, acting as mediators,
a nd r e viewing and monitoring the function s of governme nt to insure d e mocratic participation. He then reviewed some of the methods and techniques
used by other groups . He told the members they must now decide what role
this Commission is going to play in the community. The Commission must
d e cide whe ther it is going to try to do the wo r k itself or see that it is carried
out by a nothe r group and to what ext e nt the Com mission will participa t e when
other exi sting age ncie s can h andle the problem. H e sta t e d the n e c ess ity i s
n ot to d i spla ce othe r agencies but to work w ith them.
The Commis sion membe r s the n proc ee d e d with their busines s s es sion.
Upon mot ion duly m ade , s e conde d and u n animou s ly pas se d the C ommission
agreed to follow R obert s Rules of O rder for the c o n d uct o f a ll meetings.
The group next cons ide red the e l ect ion of of fi cers of the C ommiss ion.
- - --
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·- --·- - - .... . ........ - _..,..
. ... _ _ .-
.. _ -~ • .
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- - ~ ... ...~,
, ..
Community Relations Commission Minutes
December 14, 1966
Page Three
motions duly made, seconded and unanimously passed the following
individuals were elected as officers:
Rev. Samu~l Williams, First Vice ~iJcnt . J . _
Miss Helen Bullard, Second Vice &:Jt::elllll!!!ileE.t ~ - . . . ,-,,,
Mrs. Fred Patterson, Secretary
~ ~ \ cw« tt.e O~ "I ¢,Jr...> ,
q he above officers and the Chairman shall constitute the Executive Committee .
in accor'1aR8"9 •.vi+h-t!tt t h a ~ . Upon motion duly made, seconded and
unanimously passed, it was agreed that the Executive Committee has and
is authorized to act for and on behalf of the full Commission, subject to
review of the Commission, between regularly scheduled meetings of the
A regular meeting date was discussed at this time and it was agreed that the
Executive Committee be allowed to deliberate on the selection of the meeting
date and time and report back to the Commission at the next meeting.
Pt io1 to ~ri s=.:iwe-ei-¼1~u ie, ~

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(.,,,,-, ..,,f'.Jµ ~ _ ,

· R-s
li-a::~s-<1"2l!'S' 1£1.istee'l'.i t&EehaiP e:r>eo-fllfl'Tittee
o:r, t ,k
· ii.ot i ~· Ex~tly~ i re ct"o r. -il.P
,...,. D,,.~,ae.,, ..rA,., "'--:'-t.-··,..._i
' rrN..;J
reported 'ttiat tlie position hact oeen advertised 1n the various
news media and that seventeen applications were received.-it...Interv· w ~~t ,u.i.A.
ul d to ~Eiri on Tuesday, D ecember 20. It was h"
e omm1ss10n discuss the type qualifications, characteristics and
experience of the individual to fill this position. Various members gave
their opinions on this subject and Mr. Feild and Mr. Clifton Henry of the
Confere nce of Mayors also offered the ir suggestions based on their work
with other commissions. It was generally agreed it would be n ece ssary for
the Commission to determine specifically what type program was to be
conducted before selecting the individual to fill the position as different
prog rc!rn empha§e f:! worud :r~q\lire different qualifieat:i.ons a:pd experience.
In an effort to expedite this Miss Bullard distribute d a questiofll1a.ire regarding
the function and program content of the Commission to each member.
questionnaire is to be · returned to her for analysis and consolidation.
Mr. Kaler appoint ed the following temporary ad-hoc committees:
Program Committee (To m a k e recommendations
to the Executive Committee meeting in January
-·: __;..:
· -;..:..
· --:..
· ;;:;
· :.:..
· ..;.
· .;;.;
· - ~ - - ' - - - - ~ -- ~ ~ --
- - - -- .
Co1nmunity Relations Commission Minutes
December 14, 1966
Page Four
. and thereafter to the full Commission)
Miss Helen Bullard, Chairman
Mrs. Sa.ra Baker
Dr. Cleveland Dennard
Mr. Robert Dobbs
~-E ,o,
4-~;, l f.~_t~
'e x..~t.a:rt:t:.{~:nn·· ~ ( To
make recommendations to the Executive Committee
meeting in January and thereafter to the full
Al Kuettner, Chairman
T. M. Alexander, Sr.
Hamilton Douglas, Jr.
c. G. Ezzard
James 0. Moore
Committee to make recommendations on the
establishment of <;;tanding ' °mmittees (To make
recommendations to the Executive Committee
meeting in February and thereafter to .the full
Rabbi Jacob Rothschild, Chairman
Mr. A. L . Feldman
Mr. Joseph Haas
Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan
Mrs. Mary Stephens
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p. m.
Respectfully submitted,
(Miss) Faye Yarbrough
Acting Secretary

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