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Council of' the
Area inc.
Eu gene T. Branch, Chairman of the Board
Duane W. Beck, Executive Director
1000 Gl enn Building, Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel eph on e (404) 577- 22 50
Raphael B. Levine, Ph.D. Director
Cynthia R. Montague, Editor
Alloys F. Branton, M.B.A. Associate Director
November, 1969
Two very important committees were selected at the October
meeting of MACHealth by nomination an d vote of the membership. The Nominating Committee will propose a slate of officers
for the first Annual Meeting and election in January. The work of
those officers will , to a great extent, determine the success of
MACHealth in its first full year. Another duty of the Nomina ting
Committee will be that of selecting organizat ions who will name
members to MACHealth in subsequent years. This will be done by
collecting and evalua ting a list of eligi ble groups in categories to
b e represented . A fair rotation and equal representa tion will be
achieve d in this way.
The Personnel Committee will select and recommend to the
Council a candidate for Director of the Agency. It wi ll also set
personnel policies for the MACHealth staff.
Members newly elected are:
Nominating Committee
Hon. L. Howard Atherton, Mayor of Marietta. He is also President , Georgia Municipal Association, member of the Georgia
House of Representatives, Chairman of Metropolitan Atlanta
Council of Local Governments . He has been a tireless supporter
of MACHealth since its early inception.
Mr. A. B. Padgett, Chairman Pro Tern of MACHealth. A Trust
Officer of the Trust Company of Georgia, Mr. Padgett is on the
Executive Boar d of the Community Council and was Chairman of
the Steering Committee for the Comprehensive Health Planning
Dr. Robert E. Wells, Chairman of the Board , Fulton County
Medical Society. He is an orthopedic surgeon , and directed the
Joint Health Professionals Committee for Comprehensive Health
Planning, as well as participating on the Executive Committee of
the early Steering Committee.
The Rev. Ervin B. Broughton, member of the Governing Board,
Gwinnett County E.O .A. A retired Baptist minister, Rev.
Broughton still pastors two churches, is a Mason and President of
his Lodge , and works in his community for improved social
conditions . He is a li felong resident of Lawrencevill e .
Vivacious Mrs. Elizabeth C. Mooney is a member of MACHealth.
She was appoin ted to the MACHealth Board by Economic Opportunity Atlanta to represent the poor and
near-poor. She resides in the Antoine
Graves Homes, is secretary of the local
Citizens Neighborhood Advisory Council
(CNAC), an d a memb er of the Atlanta
EOA Health Committee .
Despite the absence of her larynx, she
manages t o speak quite audibly and
eloquently whether she is conversing with
~~' '"",...., Senator Russell in Washington about the
_._,.__,_,,,·."" 1
welfare freeze o r passing the time of day
wit h someone on the street in Atlanta .

it;t;~li:.,:;._.....,.J Mrs. Mooney , a retired nurse , has stood

th e test of surviva l for 64 years an d is still going strong. She has
battled a heart condition, cancer, dia betes an d low bl oo d pressure ; she triumphs almost weekly over debilitative conditions of a
more epheme ra l nature such as eye trouble and toe infections.
Mrs . Moo ney's hobby is working with peo ple . She is always
there , giving of herself; sometimes in the form of a fl ower
arrangement which she has de signed with her _own hands , at other
times, simply utt ering com fo rting wo rds from the heart.
Mrs . Elizabeth C. Mooney-humanitarian, friend
Memorial Hospita l, valuable member of MACHealt h .
of Gra dy
We acknowledge with thanks the recent contribution of the
Clayton County Commission of $2280 toward the current year's
operations of the Comprehensive Health Planning Project. We are
also pleased to repo rt that the Gwrnnett County Comm ission has
appropriated $1748 for the same pur pose. These amo unts, added
to previous receip ts fr o m Fult on , DeKalb , a nd Do uglas counties ,
plus gifts from private sources, have made possible the work of
the project to date . Such loca l fund s have served to " match "
equal dollar amounts fr om the U. S. Department o f Hea lth ,
Education , and Welfar e .
Personnel Committee
Hon. Walter M. Mitchell , Chairman, Fulton Co unty Boa rd of
Commissioners and Executive Committee member of the Steering
Mr. Drew R. Fuller, Chairman , Health and Health Services Commi ttee Atlan ta Chamber of Commerce. He was also on the
Steeri;g Co mmittee's Executive Co mmittee and has devoted
much time a nd effort to t he o rgani zati o n and success of
MACHea lt h .
Mr. J. William Pinkston , Jr. , Ad ministra to r , Grad y Hos pital. He
Frank Adams Smith
In 195 8, th e Genera l Asse mbl y made a majo r revisi o n in the law
relating to hospitali zin g the me nta ll y ill , acco rding to recomme ndatio ns of t he Joint Sena te-Ho use Menta l Hea lth Committee,
chaired by Peyto n Hawes .
Oth er min or revisio ns we re made in 1960 a nd 1964. In 1969 ,
ano th er majo r revisio n , Ho use Bill I . was ena c ted.
has given ma ny ho urs in service t o the co nce pt of Comprehensive
Hea lth Planning a nd in furt herin g its su ppo rt.
In the 1969 Act , th e procedu re fo r Volun tary Admission and t he
judi cial pro ce dures fo r Involu ntary Adm issi o n are sub sta ntiall y
the sa me as in th e c urre nt law.
Mrs . Loretta Barnes , Secretary Pro Tern of MACHealth. Her
yeo man se rvice to t he Co uncil has been evide nt fro m t he start ,
an d is unselfis hl y given in additi o n to her wo rk fo r th e Interdenom inationa l Theo logica l Se minary a nd as a b usy mo the r.
Whil e t he pro tectio n o f " rig hts o f the pat ient" was a predom inant
chara cteristi c or the 1958 Ac t and of ucceeding Acts. t he 1969
Law e xte nds a nd broa dens this protect ion.
Mr. Pau l Cadenhead, la wycr in privat~ pra ctice. president -elect .
Allan ta Bar Association, past president o f · o t h At Ian ta Me11tal
Hcaltll Association and Georg ia Associa tion for Men ta l Hea lt h .
Th e 196 9 Act provides for emergency care up to 24 l1 o urs. and
fo r cvaluati o11 and intensive Lrcatmcnt up tu 5 days: a nd li mit s
further hosp ita lizatinn tl1 an initial six months. Addit iona l
lw spi l:tl it.a tion can b.:- warrant.:-d unly b~ thorough .:-xaminatin n
of the patient indicating such need and by the authorization of
the Court of Ordinary. The patient, his attorney, guardian or
representatives , if they desire, can request a hearing.
Emergency care, evaluation and treatment for a period of 5 days,
and limitation of hospitalization, have not been provided in any
prior law. Emergency care and evaluation plus short-term intensive treatment should prevent at least 50% of the patients now
going to Central State Hospital from having to go there.
The limitation to six months of the initial order for hospitalization forevermore bans the "putting away for life" of any
mentally ill person.
The philosophy of the 1969 law, simply stated, is that the mentally ill are in fact "ill" and should be treated as sick people and
should have immediate and intensive care and treatment. This
philosophy is identical with the philosophy of comprehensive
mental health services enunciated by Congress in 1963.
The metropolitan Atlanta area is fortunate in having a Regional
Hospital which will be both an Emergency Facility and an Evaluation Facility. Also Grady Memorial Hospital is now performing
the functions of an Emergency and Evaluation Facility.
The governing authority of each county can choose between the
"medical procedure," which is outlined in the new law, and the
"judicial procedure" which is essentially the same as in the current law. No formal action is necessary for a county to operate
under the "medical procedure" of H.B. I, but formal resolution
by the governing authority is necessary to function under the
"judicial procedure." Such action can be taken only once a year.
thousand of these volumes, a\ d
be surprised if the demand
for copies is any less than this number.
MACHealth is continuing to re·cei~e recognition from additional
important age ncies: governments, medical professional associations, hospitals, voluntary organizations, and the like. Since June,
some I 3 such agencies have added their recognition to the 45
who had done so by that date. The list now covers nearly all of
the important health action agencies, as well as many of those
concerned with matters closely related to health.
Four people active in MACHealth affairs have recently been seen
on the area television media: Mr. A . B. Padgett and Dr. Raphael
B. Levine were seen on separate programs on Channel 11 in the
series produced by the Urban Life Center of the Georgia State
University . Mr. Duane W. Beck was a recent guest on the Ruth
Kent 'Today in Georgia" show, speaking about the Community
Council of the Atlanta Area. Mr. Louis Newmark was interviewed
by Linda Faye on Channel 11 in connection with a session of the
State Conference on Aging of which he was chairman entitled
"Involvement of Older People in the Community. " The appearances of Dr. Levine on Pat Wilson's "Tempo Atlanta" show
(Channel 36) began , and are scheduled to continue with a
monthly ap pearance at 11 :30 A.M. on the fo urth Thursday of
each month hereafter.
In every step of the "medical procedure," the patient and representatives are notified of his right to an attorney, which the
county must provide, if the patient is unable to pay for such
services. The patient , his representatives and attorney are notified
of patient's right to judicial intervention at any time they think
his rights are abrogated .
The Environmental Health Tour as presented in the August ,
1969, Newsletter will be held on Thursday, November 13 , 1969.
Notices with further details will be sent to all MACHealth
members before that time.
The sections of the law relating to "rights of patient" became
effective June I , 1969. The remainder of the law becomes
effective January I , 1970.
How can we get more participation in solving environmental
health problems? By encouraging community leaders to come to
the Health De partment and o ther agencies to learn all they can
abou t the environmental hea lth needs and then to approach the
governmental officials in quest of meeting these needs.
The MACHealth meeting day has been changed by action of the
Council to the second Thursday of each month. This was done in
order fo avoid a conflict with the Executive Committee of the
Community Council of the Atlanta Area , Inc., which meets the
first a nd third Thursday of each month .
Cliffo rd Alexander ,
Environmental Health Planner
Raphael 8 . Levine, Ph.D .
At the October meeting of MACHealth , the Council voted , a fter a
spirited discussion , to approve the changes in language dealing
with the responsibilities and influence of the new agency. A large
maj orjty of the memb.ers agreed with t he committee a ppointed to
negotiate the wording, that the new language fairl-y states the role
of MACHealth in the health affairs o f the six-coun ty area. Several
of the members felt , however , that MACHealth should play an
even mo re infl uential role than indicated . I believe that all of the
MACHealth staff an d Council members wan t this new age ncy to
be just as effective as possible, since the needs fo r comprehensive
planning were never greater than at present . In fact , MACHealth
has already bee n able to influence rather strongly so me very
important issues in the hospital and n ursing home field , and the
Council's power of review of all locally-o rigi nated action projects
in the health field will continue to work toward a trul y comprehensive , truly areawide kind of health planning.
With the new wording approved , the staff was ab le to enter the
final stage of revising o ur pro posal for fundin g by the Federal
Department of Health . Educa tion , a nd Welfare . When completed ,
the pro posal wi ll be published in a single binding. alt hough the
division into three volumes (projec t summary . b udge t a nd staff.
and task force re purts ) will continue. We ex pect to print about u
Compr e hensive Are awi d e H ea lth
Planning's Organization Liaison, Miss
Katharine B. Crawford, has left the
organization to become the bride of Dr.
Marvin D. Smith. The bride and groom
will reside in Gadsden , Alabama where he
h as es tablished a practice in
Miss Crawford has made a tremendous
c ontrib u t i on to the efforts of
Comprehensive Health Planning and her
presence will be missed by her friends and
co-workers. The best life has to offer is
wished fo r her and Dr. Smith.
BACKGROUND-William F. Thompson-Consultant
A hardwork ing member fo r MACHealth is William F . T hompson ,
Admin istrative Officer of the Cobb County Health Department.
He fin ished secondary school at Young
Harris Academy , going on to Piedmont
College for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in
mathemat ics and educa tio n. He was
awarded a National Science Fo undation
Scholarship to Washington Uni versity and
received his Master's Degree in Public
Health Administration from the University o f North Carolina . He has been a
tub e r c ul os is inve ti ga to r; Di rec tor.
Me di cal Self Help Program ; and :rn
instru cto r in the Medi ·al Col leg uf
Georgia , Gradua te Nur ing Division .
Suppor!, d ,n oa,: by ArrJ,SidP Comprchens,vc H •alth f'lann,ng GrJ'1l No 41008-01 69 under,, t,on J l~(h) ot PublK Liv, 89 >~9

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