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LALO mc, DUANE W. BECK. Executive Director


June 2, 1969

Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303"

Dear Mayor Allen:

This is to inform you of activity taking placc since my earlier letter to
you on the subject of your membership on the new Metropolitan Atlanta
Council for Health. There has been a Slight chanee in the meeting time
of the Council because of room assignment conflict. The f3. 1 m sting

of the Council will be this Thursday at 11:20 .. M., in room 519 of the
Glenn Building, 120 Marietta Street, N. W., Atlanta, Georgia.

The principal business of this Council meeting will be to diseves and

approve -.the proposal to be submitted to the U. S. Public Health Service,

and to certify that the. CounciJ] accepts responsi>ility for the policy aspects
of comprehensive areawide health planning in this metropolitan community,
beginning in January .1970. Additional business will be to discuss and approve
Council By-Laws, and to approve a program of activities for the balance of
1969, These are recommended to include (1) meetings, seminars, and field
trips for familiarization of Council members with health problems of the
community and the types of action the Council can take; (2) the naming of

a Personnel Committee for the purpose of selection of a Director of
Comprehensive Areawide Health Planning and the recruiting of staff prior

to the beginning of operations in January 1970; and (3) the naming of a
Nominating Committee for presenting a slate of permanent’ officers to the
first Annual Meeting in January, 1970.

Enclosed with this letter are Volumes I and III-of the Proposal, as they

now exist. Additional material is still-coming in, but the pages you have
before you include all of. the vital material on which your approval is

being asked. Volume II:of the PropoSal contains detailed budgetary material,
and will be covered at the meeting. I would like to invite your attention
‘especially to. the following pages in Volume I: i - ii, 2-3, 8-9, 16-17,
48-49, 54-55, 64-65, 88-89, 90-91, 92-93, 96-97, 98-99, and the By-Laws
100-107. Please read as much of the other material as you may have time for.

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