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E1J Gr..:r-1E
BRANCH . C/wir111ru; vf tlu lfr1a1tl o! T>i1,:1.·1< 1rJ
ALEX/'\ND.ER . , ,..CL' CJ;:,irn:ut1
l"i<·i: Ch ~irm:;n
MRS . T HOMAS H. Gl0 S ON. St·cri:1ar.•·
D ON AL D H. GAREJ S , 7 rc•a Htrt.T
O G l..E:NN BU ! L OI
G , 120 MAR I ETTA S
. , N . Vv .
E\ ecu!i'-'t' Director
E L EF'HONE 577 - 2250
June 2, 1969
Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta
City Hall
At lanta, Georgia 30303 '
Dear Mayor Allen:
This is to inform you of activity taking plac.: since my earlier let te r to
you on the subject of your membership on the new Metropolitan Atl anta
Council for Health. There ha s been a slight chan~P in the meet ing time
of the Council be.c ause of room assignment confli.c ·c . The fj ~ :i.. m ~ ti:,g
of the Coun cil will be this Thursday at 11: cl CJ .~ • M. , i1:1 ·room ':;J9 of t he
Glenn Building, 120 Marietta Street, N. W., Atlanta, Georgia.
· The principal business of thif Council meeting will be to d~-~,:·:s s and
-app~ove -the proposal to be submitted to the U.S. Public Health Servi ce,
and to certify that the- Coun0 i l accepts responsijility for the policy aspects
of comprehe·nsive areawide heal th planning in this metropolitan· community ,
beginning in J anu ary .1970. Addi tional business will be to discuss and approve
Council By-Laws , . and to approve a prog ram of activities for the balance of
1969 . · These are recommende d to include (1) meetings, seminars, and f~e ld
trips for f amiliarization of Council members with health problems of the
communi ty and the types· of action the Coun cil can take; (2) the naming of
a Personne l Committee for the purpose of . selection of a Director of
Comprehensive Areawide Health Planning and the recruiting o f s ~aff prior
to the beginning of operatiohs in January 1970; and (3) the naming of a
Nominating _Committee for presenting a slate of permanent · officers to the
firs t Annual Meeting in January, 197 0,
Enclosed_ with this l etter are Volumes I and III~ of the Proposal, as they
now exist. Additional material is still -coming in, but the pages you have
before_ you include all of the vital material .on which y our approval is
being asked . Volurrie II · of the Proposal cont ains d e tailed budgetary material,
and will be cove r ed at the me eting . I would like to -invite your a t t e ntion
· especially to . the follow~ng pages in Volume I: i - ii, 2-3, 8-9, 1 6-17 ,
48-49 , 54-55; 64-65, 88-89, 90-91, 92 -93 , 96-97, 9 8-99, and the . By-Laws
100-107. Please read as· much of the_ other material as you may have time for.


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