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April 10, 1969

Mr. Eugene T. Branch

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Community Council of the Atlanta Area, Inc,
c/o Jones, Bird and Howell

Haas-Howell Building

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Branch:

The City of Atlanta has been fortunate in having many citizens and
groups volunteer their time and services to help resolve important
needs in our community,

As the City has grown and the interest and concern of our citizens
has increased, it has become more and more difficult to effectively
and efficiently utilize volunteers in meeting the needs of the city.

It is extremely encouraging to see the efforts being put borth by

the Community Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Community
Chest and the Atlanta Junior League in developing a vehicle for
providing orderly assignment and utilization of volunteer manpower.

It is essential that there be a central point whereby community needs
can be catalogued and consolidated and volunteers enlisted and trained
to help fulfill these needs, I believe only through such a coordinated
effort can the talents and skills of Atlanta's vblunteer citizens be
marshalled and utilized to the best advantage of all the people of the


Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.


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