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April 10, 1969
Mr. Eugene T . Branch
Chairman of the B oard of Directors
Community Council of the Atlanta Area , Inc.
c / o Jones , Bird and How 11
H as -Howell Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mr. Branch:
The City of A tlant · has been fol"tunate in having many citizens and
groups volunt er th ir time and services to h lp resolve important
needs in oul" community,
A s th City has grown and th inter st and concern of our eitiz ns
has increased, it has b come mor and more difficult to efiectively
and efficiently utili:t volwit rs in meeting the ne ds of the city.
lt is xtremel y ncouraging to s e the efforts b ing put fo:rth by
the Community Council, th Chamber of Commerce, the Community
Chest and the Atlant Junior L agu in developing vehicl · for
providing ordedy
ignm nt and utiliz tion of volunteer manpower.
It ie s nti l that ther b a c
c n b catalogued nd consolid
to h lp fulfill the
n eds. I b
ffort c n the tal nt
nd skill
mar. hall d
ntral point wh r by community ne d
ted and volun~ ,rs nli t d nd tr in d
11 ve only through uch coordin t d
of Atl nt 's vblunte r citizen be
nd utiliz d to th b t dvantag of all th p . ople of th
Sincer ly yo\U' ,
Ivan Allen. Jr.

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