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June 4 , 1969
· mfr. Raphael B . Levine, Director
Comprehensive Area Wide Health Planning
. Community Council of the Atlanta Area, Inc.
1000 Glenn Building
120 Marietta Street, N. W .
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Dr. Levine:
Thank you £or your letter outlining the organization and function
of the Metropolitan Atlanta Council for Health .
As you know, the Fulton County Department of Health is the official
agency £or health matters affecting the City of Atlanta and , normally,
programs involving health and health planning would be the responsibility
of the County Health Department as far as the City of Atlanta is
I understand, however, that the Comprehensive Area ..
wid Health Planning Program which will be carried on by the new
Metropolit n Atlanta. Council for Health will involve re responsibility
for developing policy and all the broad aspects of health including
environmental sanitation, water pollution; etc.
Since the City of Atlanta does have major responsibility for production
and distribution of potable w ter and for collection and dis po l of
solid w st and also sew ge treatment nd disposal, I can understand
why th City of Atlant should hav a representativ on th Health
Council. Since both th Sanitation Division nd the Wat r Pollution
C ontrol Division fall within the rea of r sponsibility of th Public
Works Commltt e of th Board of Ald ~m n,. I am asking Alde:l!"man
G. Ev rett Millie n, Ch lrm n of this C ommitt , to repr sent th
City on the Council.
Sincer ly yours,
Ivan Allen, Jr.

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