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Box 3, Folder 16, Document 11

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Economic O pportunity Atlanta, Inc.
101 Marietta Street Bldg. • Atlanta, Georgia 30303 o
William W. Allison
Executive Administrator
September 30, 1969
Mr. John Watson
Planner III
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mr. Watson:
As a result of your conference of September 26, 1969, with Mr.
Clint Rodgers concerning the proposed Integrated Municipal Information
System, I would like to express the interest of this agency in participating in your program. Specl[lca lly , I untlerscand chat a manpower
component has b een added to the Human Re sources Deve lopme nt Subsystem
and sinc e Economic Opportuni ty Atlanta , Incorporated, is vita lly
involved in most ma npowe r ef forts de s igned to s e rve the dis a dva n taged
of the city, I a gr e e tha t our imput could be a benef icial and ne ce ssary
part of the total Information System.
Therefore, I would like to indicate ou r desire a nd intent to
cooperate with the city in this e ndeavo r and am de signa ting Mr. George
Williams , Division Dir ector of the Emp loyment Program Op e r a tions, as
our conta ct for fu r ther i mput a nd coordi na tion on this question.
c --~n,~l~ yours)

8t i!.~Q~
William W. All is on
Executive Adminis tra t or
CC :
Mr. Cl i nt Rodger s
Mr. George Wi ll iams
Mrs . Burnella J ackson
Mr . Dan Sweat

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