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Box 3, Folder 16, Document 19

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Sept mber 10, 1969
Mr. William W. Allison
Executive Administrator
Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc,.
101 Marietta Street Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mr. Alli on:
Thi ia in re ponse to your letter of Aug t 22., 11'69 concerning
the Atlanta Beautification Coi-p Program.
We have worked out an arrangement hereby these wor ers
can be placed in ,p ermanently utb-01"iz d wa te collector
o ition on a temporary basi until the end of the year .
This. i• po ible because ol th relatively high rate of vacanc:ie ·
City i no expert · cin in the pe:rman nt po itio.n •
I am dvi ed that the Sanitary Divi ion ill et a ide 40 of
the e pe:rm nent po Uio
o1 employin t until Dec
.o that
e orker
ber 31, 1969.
can b
Thi will, for th tim
ing. ccontmod.ate i progr
a d -c1 ion c:an b m de on th perm ent eontin tion of the
• Be'C&uee ol tb City' • · erio-g.a financial problems·,
it i m thought
tit will not be possible for th City to
finance i pro r
continuin b el
t Dec bel!' 31.
1969. It .. ow. b
tbat EOA, Inc. cotlld locate ome
pro ram
t · t dat •
Slncer ly.
Iara AU n,, Jr.

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