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Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. wy \W

City Hall M%
Atlanta, Georgia d
Dear Mayor Allen:

We are now proceeding with reorg ation of the E,O,A, Board of
Directors in accordance with the attached memorandum which was cleared
with the Fulton County Commissioners and Mayor of Atlanta about a year

Originally, the Fulton County Commissioners appointed seven board
members, the Mayor of Atlanta appointed seven, and the County Commis-

sioners and Mayor together appointed jointly a fifteenth member to serve

as Chairman, Later, under requirements of OEO, twelve elected repre-
sentatives of the poor were added to the Board from respective neighborhood
service center areas in Atlanta and Fulton County, Also later, Commissioners
of Gwinnett and Rockdale Counties each appointed two members and a third
from each county was elected by the poor.

Under the required reorganization, Fulton County and Atlanta will
each appoint four members, Of the seven members who have served as
appointees of Fulton County, Mrs, Lucy Aiken, Mr. Harold Benson,

Mr. Jessie Hill, and Mr. John Greer will continue to serve unless Fulton
County wishes to replace them now, As to the other three, Mr. Carl
Plunkett and Dr, Paul West wish to retire from the Board now and Mr,
Jessie Grantham will be replaced by a direct nomination from the Atlanta,
Georgia Labor Council AFL-CIO,

The Chairman is now elected by the Board, which position I hold,
Since 1 was an appointee jointly of the City and County and since there is
no longer provision for a joint appointment, the Mayor has asked that I
continue on the Board as one of the four appointees of the City along with
Rev, Joseph L, Griggs, Mr, A.H, Sterne, and Rev, M,L. King.

As to the other four City appointees, Mr. William L. Calloway will
probably be continued on as a nominee of the Community Council of the
Atlanta Area, Inc., Dr. John Letson will retire from the Board in recog-
nition of a nominee selected by the Board of Education, Mr. W.H. Montague
is deceased, and Mrs. Ann Woodward will probably be nominated by the
Board of Education as its representative.

We believe that this plan continues on the Board the Fulton County
and City of Atlanta appointees who are willing to continue, which will
provide necessary stability,

May I say that it has been a very great pleasure to work with all
of your appointees, who have contributed very generously of their time
and talents to our local anti-poverty efforts. The support of the Fulton
County Commissioners and the Mayor and Aldermen of Atlanta and the
wisdom of your choices for members of the Board have had considerable
impact on development of the local program into what has been recognized
nationally as one of the best. We hope to merit your continued interest
and help.

Sincerely yours,
llet Jon

EQOA Board of Directors

Ae np yp
"Y } to 7
OSes Met Téa

ce: Mr, Walter M. Mitchell
Fulton County Commissioners of Roads
and Revenues

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