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July 1, 1969

Mr. William U. Norwood, Jr.
Regional Manpower Administrator
U. S. Department of Labor

1371 Peachtree Street, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Dear Mr. Norwood:

Grave concern was expressed at the June EOA Board meeting
about the up-coming requirement for ten percent non-federal
matching funds in our next ACEP program year beginning
September 1, 1969. Atlanta, like all large cities today,
has very limited financial resources compared to its de=-
mands, and it is extremely difficult for community agencies
like BOA to secure additional local cash.

As you will recall, the original ACEP proposal allowed EOA
to claim as local “in-kind" the supporting resources of its
community action program and other federally assisted
agencies providing opportunities for New Careers and NYC
trainees. With this now disallowed, and assuming current
funding levels, EQOA faces a need to generate approximately
$200,000 in non-federal share. At present only about
$88,000 of “in-kind” seems clearly available, leaving a
potential non-federal deficit of more than $100,000.

Atlanta, being the regional city that it is, finds that the
best New Careers training slots, with promising salaries
and upward mobility potential, are with federal or federally

supported agencies. Likewise, the youth component (Operation

Ready), by virtue of being tied in with Project Value, spon-
sored by the Department of Defense, is in the same situation.
While this is a happy circumstance for the individual en-
rollee, it poses a dilemma for those who must find 10% local
resources to match these costs.

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Mr. William Norwood July 1, 1969

Because of the above factors, the EOA Board would like to
request that the U. S. Department of Labor grant a waiver
on our New Careers and Operation Ready components allow-
ing us to claim as local in-kind the participation of
federally supported agencies. We understand that such
action is possible and that there are similar precedents.

Your favorable consideration of this request will be
greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

bibeelnstins Jones, Chairman

Board of Directors


ces Mayor Ivan Allen
/Mr. Dan Sweat
Dr. Charles Hicks

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