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June 17, 1969
Mt. Randall N. Conway
Staff Division
Memphis Manpower Cotm1ission
P.O. Box 224
Memphis, Tennessee 38103
Dear Mr. Conway:
I h ve received a copy of your l tter of May 21 to the Atlant .
city government relative to the establishment of a manpower policy as
w 11 as Mir . Sweat 's reply to you. As Mr. Sweat has pointed out, the
City of Atlant , at this point; has no overall of fici 1 manpower policy.
However, I would like to off r the following thoughts from where I
see this heading .
I beli ,ve that most peopl involved in manpower planning that
r 1 ts to city government h v com to th conclusion that, in
urban are, manpow r pl nning and policy can not be isolated frO!ll the
plan to tght urb n problems in gen r l. Manpow r policies, sp cially
as thy rel t:e to inner-city poverty res, are irrevoc bly ti d to
problems in housing, eduction, transport ti.on, tc . It 19 ·'11Y p rson 1
b lief that n ov rall st,: 8 dy can b and wUl be dev loped through the
Urb n Obs rvatory hich is bin
t blish d through Georgi St t
Coll ge in Atlant. Th Ob rvatory s envision d her will provide th
nee ·saey link .g of th varifs cad ie di6ciplinc a
11 · with
th administt'atore who f c . tn praetic 1 probl ms of pl
on both
hort nd lon r ng b sia. I b 11-v th t thi
ffort link d
with a strong vigorous imput ittto th CAMPS y t
can b gin to
some kind of
nse out of th pr s nt 11ultf.pl1oity of effort
and oth r ~ lat d probl ar as.
that these ·t hou ht wilt b · us ful ·t o you in looking 4t t:h
nt of such a policy in
phi • If I can b of ny furth r
on tbi
tt r, pl aa
1 fte to get in touch with
Stnc r 1y.
GC acaa
C'lint Rodgers, A aoclat ·
Admini tr · tor for ManJ>OW r

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