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13 Year O]
Wins Trip

| Bessie Barnett is 13 and at-
‘tends Coan Middle School,
Three years ago her mother,
Mrs, Anna Earnett, saw that
Bessie liked music and bought
her a clarinet, On a maid's
slary it was a big sacrifice
to buy a 10-year-old a clari-

Mrs, Barnette paid a little
each week out of her meager
salary “and now it’s paid off,
Bessie is one oc six Econmic
opportunity...dtlagta music
scholarship winners who left
Atlanta by plane on Friday,
June 20,

This summer the youngsters
will be spending six weeks at

Guildford College nearGreens=
boro, North Carolina, attend=
ing the Eastern Music Festi-
val, Bessie and the other will

have the benefit of the best




2 me







ee aK


professional instruction and the
fun and company of other ac-
complished musicians,

Miss Mary Francis Early,

who Bessie says is “a nice
music teacher’’ started Bes-
sie on the clarinet. This will
be the instrument Bessie will
play at the Festival,

Last month, Bessie was very
excited about going to Mayor
Ivan Allen’s office to receive
the scholarship, But the knew
that it was more than just
a,funetime for six week this |

**l can learnalot more now,’ '
said Bessie, ‘This will help
me a lot and I’ll be able to
improve. I’m really looking
forwards to going there and
working with the profes-

Bessie wants to continue take
ing music through high school
and college if she can, And
her mother would like nothe
ing more than that herself,

“My mother comes to every
performance,”’ said Bessie,

Thanks to EOA and a
concerned, farsighted mother,
Bessie will have a chance to
develop a special talent. It
just may be a turning point
in her life,

(Bessie Lives at 49 Mayson
Avenue, N., E.) ‘

Whitten ey Ve bevag fier, eee H rclerzrr~

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