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‘Health F

On July 8, from noon until

9:00 p.m. at the North _Ful-

. ton_ Neighborhood Service

‘ Center of Economic Oppor-
enter oF Economic Oppo

tunity Atianta, Inc, located at
25 Oak St_, Roswell, a ‘‘Health
“Happening” will be conducted
for the benefit of all North
Fulion area residents, regard-
less of income level.

A Mobile Health Unit will
be provided. Tests for tuber-
culosis, diabetes, veneral dis-
eases, and chronic Obstruc-
tien Pulmonary Diseases
(respitory troubles) will be
given free of charge. Baby
sitting services will be provid-
ed for parents as they take the
examinations. Transportation
will be provided for those in
outlying areas who have need
of such a service.

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