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Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.

O A 101 Marieteca Street Bldg. e Atlanta, Georgia 30303 o
T. M. Parham

Executive Administrator Contact: Mrs. Mason, 525-4262 or 636-9390

Johnny Popwell, EOA VISTA DIRECTO2.,

Duke Harrison, EOA Recreation
Director, 523- 7561

April 7, 1969

NO ADVANCE PUBLICITY (The football players involved have requested no

advance publicity in order to insure that poverty area youngsters will be
the ones to benefit from the event.)

Pro-foctba_1 stars from across the nation will join with local college
players in an Et..-V1OTA sponsored football extravaganza for 2500 poverty

area youths at Washington High School, ‘15 White House Drive, S. W. on

April 7..

A copy of the pregrem which will be in two sessions, one starting

at 10:00 a. m. and the other at 1:30 p. m., is attached, along with a

_ list of the football players and visitors to the event.

NOTE: Bill Curry end Fran Tarkenton are co-chairmen of “he Prufessic al

Athletes VISTA Assistanrze Program, organized recently.

"NSC" on the program means Neighborhood Service Center.
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