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January 6, 1969

Mr. W. R. Wofford
Building Official
Building Department
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Bill:

In assessing the status of the Housing Code Compliance Program for 1969,
the Planning Department has offered various solutions for design of a new program,
all of which have had the basic shortcoming of being based on outdated information.
In an attempt to alleviate this problem, the Planning Department submits the
following proposal for activities of the Housing Code Compliance Program personnel
for the year 1969:

Because of tremendous efforts on house=by-house inspections in the most
pressing areas of the city during the last year, the Housing Code Compliance
Division has made original inspections on a majority of the sub-standard dwelling
units within the highest priority areas of the city. However, because of conditions
beyond control of the inspectors (i.e. insufficient financial abilities, shortage of
contractors, legal tieups), many of these recently inspected units have not complied
with the city's Housing Code. Therfore, since the program is running ahead of
schedule in original inspections, but behind schedule in gaining compliances in the
most deteriorated areas of the city, the Planning Department suggests that extensive
time and manpower be spent in those areas that have recently been inspected in
order to gain lasting compliances and a general upgrade in housing conditions.

To accomplish this end, the Planning Department suggests that the ten
Concentration Area Inspectors be used during the first quarter of 1969 to concentrate
on more complete efforts toward gaining more and lasting compliances in those areas
that have recently been inspected. Sending these men into the areas they have
just covered will enable them to complete the work that was only begun with the
original inspections.

Mr. W. R. Wofford -2- January 6, 1969

After this first three-month period, it is expected that approximately one-half
of the ten inspectors will be removed from thse recently inspected areas and joined
with other personnel of the Housing Code Compliance Division to make original
inspections in areas corresponding with Community Improvement Program priorities
during the second quarter of 1969, The remaining five inspectors will spend the
second quarter on continued completion efforts in those areas inspected in 1968.

Those areas designated by Community Improvement Program priorities, which
will be inspected on an original basis during the second quarter of 1969, were,
to a large extent, inspected during the first years of the Housing Code Compliance
Program. However, the 1969 program will not send inspectors into any area that
has been inspected since 1966 for original inspections.

The third and fourth quarters for 1969 will mark the beginning of original
inspections and reinspections at a rate determined to gain the greatest degree of
efficiency from the inspectors. These concentrated area inspections will take place
in priority areas determined during the first three months of 1969.

Among the top-priority items of the data processing division of the city is
an update of the Community Improvement Program information. If this update is
completed, it will include complete housing condition information and a priority
listing for housing improvements. This new priority listing will determine the
areas for original inspections for the Housing Code Compliance Division. The
information compiled during the first quarter of 1969 will show those areas of the
city that must be surveyed in order to realistically determine the top-priority areas
for Housing Code inspections. Also during the first three months of the year, if
certain areas need to be surveyed, the city can make decisions on survey techniques
and personnel to conduct the survey, including decisions on what type of information
must be accumulated by the survey.

Sincerely yours,


Collier B. Gladin
Planning Director


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