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Mr. Charles Davis
City Comptroller

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Charles:
RE: ABC Corps - Casual Employees

As you know, for the past 18 months or more, the Sanitation Division of

the City of Atlanta has been involved in a new project under the Atlanta
Concentrated Employment Program called the Atlanta Beautification Corps.
In this project, so-called hardcore, unemployed individuals have been
utilized in special crews designed to collect trash and debris from side-
walks, vacant lots, playgrounds, parks, etc. in an attempt to keep these
areas beautiful.

The concept of the program was for the City to attempt to imlentify those
members of the ABC Corps who could perform in regular City functions
and to assist them in finding fulltime employment. Our success has not
been too great. To date, we have placed three of the former ABC workers
in regular City positions at the City Garage.

Because of cutbacks in Federal funding, the ABC Program is being reduced
in the number of employees dmmediately by 25 as of Friday, May 2.

Ralph Hulsey and his Sanitation people say that this program has been
successful and that the ABC workers have performed a great service to

the City of Atlanta. He has indicated he is in favor of continuing these
people if possible.

It seems to me that since they have performed admirably in areas where they
were badly needed by the City that we should attempt to maintain the services
of these 25 people in the Sanitary Division until at least the end of our summer

Mr. Davis
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program period. This would give us an opportunity to make a further

effort to place those who can meet qualifications in regular job slots.

At the same time, during the crucial summer period we would have the
advantage of the experience of these people in helping in special neighborhood
clean-up projects and other special requirements which the summer period

It is my understanding that Mr. Hulsey has requested that these 25
individuals be placed on a casual employee status with the Sanitary Division

until August 31. I hope that you will support this recommendation and give
us your help in having this done.

Sincerely yours,

Dan Sweat

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