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From : Community Re lations C omm i ss i on / . - -·
12 1 Me m or i a l D r ive , SW
Atlanta , G eo r gia 3030 3
Fo r R e l ease , Thursda y, S e ptember 25, ll:00 A. M.
A grou~. ·of Ben Hill church, school, business arid community leaders released
a statement today e x pressing their
shock and si{ame" at an act of vandalis1n d·irected
against a Negro family recently who moved on an all white street in this southwest ·
Atlanta community • .
The McMicha e l family purchased a home on Kimberly Road and moved into it
in lite August .
Vandal~ hit once breaking windows and hit again some three days later.
The McMichael 1 s elected to move and their money was refunded by the real estate
agent who sold the property.
The statement by the group of Ben Hill leaders continl.!ed: · 11 We know the spirit. ·
of thi~ community.
We believe that the good people ·of Ben Hill and surroim.ding
c01nmunities want their moral support placed behir~d the movement for fairness in
housing and equality in education.
We encourage that every effort be made by the
Atlanta Police Department to apprehend the offender so that justice will prevail and
respect for the law be strengthened in event that a similar situation should face us
We believe that man, his person: and his personality, is sacred and that
property rights 1nust be respected and tl:at unless we can come· to this point of view,
none of us are safe.
from that community.
This statement represented _the first collective effort of censure
The group met at the Ben Hill Methodist Church with the
Atlanta Community Relations Commission acti?g as the convener .
. Among those participating in the meeting were:
Rev. L. Clyde Allen, Bill
Atchison, Ernest R. Bennett, Rev. W. C. Bowen, Kenneth R. Drane, Milton S.
Earnest, John G e r en, Re v . William G e ren, Mrs. Thelma Heath, Ja1nes R, Lemon,
Walker McKnight, Charles L. Moates, Dr, Harmon D. Moore, H. Jack Smith , Charles
Stin? _o n, Jr., Ra_y Terry, Jr. ·, Cecil M. Thornton, Lyndon Wade, Thomas G .. Ward,
Nat Welch, R~v. Paul F. Wohlgemuthand Cy Young.

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