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For Release:
Thursday PM, January 2, 1968
From: Community Relations Commission
1203 City Hall, Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Benny T. Smith, widely known community leader, has been named field
representative for the Atlanta Community Relations Commission and will
assume his new duties immediately.
It was announced today by Nat Welch,
executive director for the Commis siono
As field representative, Smith will head up CRC's .expanded Town Hall
Meeting Program for 1969 and will act as a communications link between
the Neighborhoods and the Commission.
"We have expanded the scope of this position and are delighted to have
secured the services of such an able and experienced leader as Benny T.
Smith," stated Welch.
Smith was raised in Vine City and educ a t ed at Booker T. Washington
High School, Morris Brown Coll ege and the Blayton School of Accounting. ·
With funds h e won on the national TV show, "Strike It Rich,
in the mid
fifties, S~ith op ened and operated a dry cleaning firm in Vine City .
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Press Release January 2, 1968
Benny T. Smith
later was the proprietoi· of a neighborhood grocery store in the Poole Creek
Smith was subsequently employed by the U.S. Postal Data
Center and the Georgia Department of Labor where he played a key role in
the J obmobile Program in cooperation with the National Alliance of Businessmen.
Smith was a prime mover in the organization of the Community R e lations
Commission some two and a half years ago.
He helped organize the Price
and the the Pittsburgh EOA centers and the Model Cities Program.
He is a
former vice president of the All Citizens R e gistration Committee, former
president of the Metropolitan Atlanta Grassroots Council, president of the
Southeast Community Council, board member of the Metropolitan Atlanta
Summit Leadership Cong~e ss , and form e r vice pr esid ent of the Fourth
Ward Improvement Council.
He served as chairman of the transportation
committee for the Poor People's Campaign to Washington.
CRC I s new fie ld represent ative has r ece ived awards for community servi ce
and leadership from the Peoplestown Civic League, the Atlanta brancb of
the NAACP, the Exc e l sior Knight Civic and Socia l Club, the Southeast
Community Council and the V e t e rans I Administration Hospital.
Mr. Smith is a member of the Wheat Stre e t Baptist Church and Princ e H a ll
M as ons .
He resid es a t 2 09 Arc h crest D r ive .

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