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FORM 700-7 ~67-4 0 M
Trust Company of Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia 30302
February 6, 1969
Mr . Nat Welch
Executive Direc t or
Community Re l ations Coumis s i on
1203 City Hall
Atlanta , Georgia 30303
Dear Mr . Welch :
Trust Company of Georgia will be de l ighted to take part
in the February 20 "Workshop on Black Business Opportunities , "
sponsored by the Community Relations Commission. Attached is the
form which names C. Linden Longino , Second Vi ce President, as our
representative. Mr . Longino will participate i n the Banker Round
Table and ill be awaiting your instruc tions as to when the roup
com.prising the Round Table will meet .
You also asked if we would provide a table during t h
session running from 2: 30 to 5:00 p. m. and Mr . Longi no will also
be in ch rge of our arrangem nts in providing such an inform tion
booth . He may use one or more of our people to ssist him.
Attach d lso is our check payable to the Commission
for $30~00 for registration .
will be a good one , assw.ning
I believe th t the progr
you obt in the participation de ired by those who re rea lly
intere ted in going into busines for themselves . The progr
been well thought-out, and I see nothing in it that would be contr ry to our own vi w of how to att ck the problem . It was a
pl sur to it in for Mr. Stern, and he of cour eh s been apprised
of what went on nd supports fully our p rticip tion, as outlined
bove .
Att c
Copy to Mr.
Presiden t - Banking
Iv n Allen, Jr.

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