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January 10, 1969
Ex Officio from the Commission
D:::. Sam Williams
(Chairman of CRC)
Pastor, F r iends hip B aptist Church
Robert Botts, Manager of PersOILTJ.el &
Pul;)lic Relation s
W estern _Electric Company
T.M. _Alex ander,. Sr.
Real Estate & Insurance
Eugene Boyd, Vice President
'I'he Coca Cola Company, Inc.
L . L . Gelle rstecit, Jr., President
Bee r s Con struction C o-rnpany
Al Brax ton , ·Partner in charge of
Small Busine·s s Division
Arthur Anderson&: Company
M. O. Ryan : General Manager
-Marriott M otor· Hotel
Char l es Ada m s
S e nior Vice President
The Coca - Cola Company , Inc.
M iles A lexander
Kilpa t rick, Cody, Rog e rs , McCla tche y & _R egenst e in
(A ttor ney s )
T . M . ·Alexand e r, Jr.
C ourt s &: Company
Harve y A nd e rs on, C oordinator
· Car ee r Coun se li n g & Pla c e m e nt C e n ter
A tlanta University C e nter
Ben Bar n es ~ Senior Vic e Pre sid ent
F i rst Na t i onal Bank
J . B. Behl, Vi c e P r eside nt
Ec on om y A uto Divisi on
Oklahoma T ire & Su p p ly Com pa ny
Russell A. Blanchard, Jr. , Vice Presid e nt
·Peoples - American Bank
E. William Bohn, Director of Per sonne l
Cox B roadcasting Corporation
Arthur E. Bronner, Vic e President
Bronner Bros. Wholesale & Re tail
Beauty Supply Company E. R. B r ooks, Vic e Pr eside n t
Industrial Relations
· Scripto, Inc.
Paul E. X . Brown
A tlant a Coca-Cola B ottlin g Compa n y
T. T. Brown, Zone Manager
Chevrolet Division
Gene r a l Motor s Corporation
J ame s W. Couch, Owner
D e l uxe C leaners
Paul A . Clifford, Pe rsonn e l Direc t o:::
· A lte r man F oods , I nc.
P. D. D a vis, Jr., Di re cto r
A tlanta School o f B u s ine ss, I nc.
C u r tis Dri s k e ll
Atla n t a Cha mbe r of Com merc e
J ames E. G reen, J r ., Vice Preside n t
C iti zens &: Sout h ern N ati onal Bank
James ~- Green, Jr. , Vice President
Citizens & Southern National Bank
Claude H. Grizzard, Jr., President
Atlanta Junior Chamber of Commerce
S. C. Gordon
Gordon's Body Shop
Alan Gould, p...-e sident
A. R. Abrams Fixtures
Leon Hames, Vice President-Personnel
Life Insurance Company of Georgia
Geneva Haugabrooks, Owner
Haugabrooks Funeral Home
J: . M. Moore, Jr.
Ford Division District Sales Manager
Ford Motor Company
Richard G. Murphy
General Manager for Retail Stores, Atlanta
Sears Roebuck & Company
Leslie R. Nicholas
General Personnel Manager
Georgia Operations
Southern Bell T & T Company
Frank O 'Neal
Project Outreach
James Paschal
Paschal Motor Hotel
Dr. Vivian Henderson, President
Clark College
Ira Jackson, Owner
Jackson's Service Station
John Perry Latimer, Regional Director
Small Business Administration
Arthur P . Laws
Pinkerton and Laws
Bob Lewis, Vice President
Cannolene Company
C. Linden Longino, Jr .
Second Vice President
Trust Company of Georgia
E r skine Love , Jr., Pres i dent
Printpack, Inc.
R. L . McLeod, Vice Preside nt
Ja c k son-Atlantic , Inc .
H. L. Megar, Vice P r eside n t
Fulton National Bank
Clarence Mitchell, Owner
Dot's B .a rbecue
Henry L. Reid
National Alliance of Businessmen
Herman Russell
H. J. Russell & Company
Charles Sandusky, Regional Manager
Chrysler - Plymouth Division
Chrysler Corporation
H. M. Skelton
Assistant City Sales Manager
Standard Oil Company
Richard Sterne, Senior Vice President
National Bank of Georgia
R . 0. Sutton, Vice President
Citizens Trust Company
R . H. Sweeney, Vice President for
Industrial Relations
Colonial Stores, Inc .
W . R . Tolimson
Sal es Su perviso r
Gulf Oil Compa n y , U SA
�-3Lyndon Wade
Urban League of Atlanta
Lottie Watkins
Lottie H. Watkins Enterprises
John Weitnauer, Vice President-Personnel
Rich's Department Store
P. H . Werner
Director of Public Relations, Southeast
F. W. Woolworth and Company
James A. York
Assistant Vice President
Employee Services
Delta Airlines
Dean Harding Young
School of Business
Atlanta University

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