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During the past ten years Atlanta has experienced an economic
growth rate that is rivaled by few American cities. Toa large
extent this was only possible because of an enlightened business
and banking community.....the community that you gentlemen


During this same ten year period Atlanta has also experienced a

social development that is rivaled by few American cities, We

can feel fortunate in that this has usually taken place in a peaceful

and orderly fashion. This was only possible because of an enlightened
black and white community that has grown with Atlanta.

We now live in a city where the population is almost 50% black Ve5re
The continued economic growth of our city will depend greatly on

the means by which the heretofore untapped resources of our blaekeg ue
citizens can be utilized.

The Community Relations Commission has recently initiated a

project of vital importance to all of us. It concerns the further deve-

lopment of mide entrepreneurship in Atlanta. The Commission,

in developing this project, Cn p. the Atlanta Business
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League's Project OutreachAthe Atlanta Urban League, the National
Alliance of Businessmen, the Small Business Administration, the

Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP and the Atlanta University School of
Business. as Le F Kote ts Fae,!
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