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In assessing the status of the Housing Code Compliance Program, the Planning
Beneriient and the Building Department have explored various proposals for revision
of the nearly completed program. In consultation with the Building Department,
the Planning Department has prepared a new program using the Community Improvement
Program data as a basis. Both departments, however, believe the new program
can and en be improved through a new field update of housing conditions.

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness from the new program, which will probably
cover a period of five years, this new information must be gathered. It is recommended
that an interim systematic plan be put into effect while the necessary new information
is being gathered.

The following is a proposal for activities of the Housing Code Compliance
Program personnel for the year 1969:

Under the original Housing Code Compliance Program, the Housing Code Division
has inspected a majority of the substandard dwelling units within the highest priority
areas of the city as determined by the original program. However, because of conditions
beyond control of the Housing Code Inspectors (i.e., insufficient financial abilities,
shortage of contractors, legal tieups), there remain a large number of units where full
compliance has been impossible to gain or slow in coming. Since the program for
original inspections is running ahead of schedule, it is suggested that extensive time
and manpower be devoted to these remaining cases in order to gain more lasting
compliances prior to initiating the new program.

To accomplish this end, it is suggested that during the first quarter of 1969 the

ten Concentrated Area Inspectors be assigned a portion of the Sector Inspectors" work

load, thereby sénding the entire Housing Code Divison work team into areas that
have already been originally inspected. This concentration of personnel on the
existing code compliance cases will provide additional time for much closer personal
contact with the owners and residents of the remaining uncomplied dwelling units.

During the second quarter of 1969, it is expected that the reduction in uncomplied
cases will enable eight of the Concentrated Area Inspectors to begin original
inspections in areas corresponding with the Community Improvement Program priorities,
as established by the 1965 Community Improvement Program survey. These areas are
delineated on the attached map.

The third quarter of 1969 will mark the beginning of original inspections and
resinspections at a rate determined to gain the greatest efficiency from the inspectors.
These concentrated area inspections will take place in areas designated on the
attached map, unless the city's housing data is updated prior to that time.

Among the top priority items of the Data Processing Division of the city is an
update of the Community Improvement Program information. If this update is completed,
it will include housing condition data and a priority listing for housing improvements.
This new priority listing will determine the areas for original inspections by the Housing
Code Compliance Division and will enable establishment of the new, long-range,
citywide program. During the first quarter of 1969, information will be compiled to
show those areas of the city that must be surveyed in order to realistically determine the
top priority areas for housing code inspections. Also during the first three months of
the year, the city can make policy decisions on survey techniques and personnel needs
to conduct the field survey. If the decision is to use Housing Code Inspectors to

conduct the housing conditions survey, the inspectors will be available to begin

surveying anytime during the year.


Since the new Housing Code Compliance Program is a requirement of the city's
Workable Program, which must be submitted prior to September, 1969, and if a survey
is to be taken, it is imperative that it begin in time to allow an assimilation of the

new data into the program before September |, 1969.

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