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October 20, 1969 CITY HALL ATLANTA, GA. 30303
Tél. 522-4463 Area Code 404


DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Chief Administrative Officer
MRS:LINDA E. PRICE, Executive Secretary

Mr. Jim L. Meyerholtz, Vice President
Trust Company of Georgia ; .
P, O. Box 4655

Atlanta, Georgia 30302

Dear Mr. Meyerholtz:

The Citizens Advisory Committee for Urban Renewal -has-recently
revised its structural organization and operational policy as-a result.of:the-
increased activity and sound dedication of the Committee.,.

The Committee has nominated some new persons: for.-membership:
and has proposed staggered terms for all members,, in order to effect:gradual
turnover and to bring new interests into the Committee, Terms:have been.
proposed for 1, 2 or 3 year appointments,, determined initially. alphabetically, .

In accordance with the foregoing premise,. [wish ‘to: thank the: old<
members for their dedication to this important citizen function and for>a-job-
well done; and to welcome the new members to the Committee,. It.issa.pleasure-
therefore for me to appoint you to active membership on this- essential Committee -
for a period of three years. I hope that you: will be able to serve.,

Please notify Malcolm Jones: of my’ Office,. Tel). 52224463; , Ext:.430-
or 431 in the event you feel that you should. decline..


Ivam. Allen,, Jr:.


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