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SEPTEMBER 30, 1969


Item: Neighborhood Development Program for 1970

Mr. Howard Openshaw, Director of Redevelopment for the Atlanta Housing Authority,
outlined Atlanta's Neignbornood Development Program for 1970. The Program
contains eight neighbornoods:

GA. Tech II
Model Cities
Ed zewood
' Vine. City
* Lightning
* Plunkettowm
* GA. State “New Areas

Maps and statistical summary indicating the proposed action program in individval
areas was discussed. In summary, the 1970 NDP Program proposes the acquisition
of 922 parcels of land, relocation of 1392 families and individuals, demolition
of 922 structures, rehabilitation of 830 structures and disposition of 116 acres
of land.

As a housing resource for families displaced in the 1970 program, the Housing
Authority will complete and have ready for occupancy 2033 public housing units
and 650 dwelling units for families of low and moderate income.

The gross project cost of the 1970 NDP program is 27.) million dollars. The
federal capital grant requested is 20.7 million, the local share is 8.5 million,
7.3 million includes non-cash grants-in-aid to be provided by the City and 1.2
million in cash to be provided by the Board of Regents. Following HUD approval
of addition section 112 credits of 1.1 million dollars, the cash required by the
Board of Regents will be reduced to $165,880.

On September 23, 1969, the Department of Housing and Urban Development advised the
Atlanta Housing Authority that $2,000,000 has been established as the amount
available for tne 1970 activity of the six Neighbornood Development Programs now
underway in Region III. This represents )5.9% of the federal capital grant funds
available in the Region for 1969.

The Regional office of HUD will allocate the available funds for 1970 NDP activi-
ties on the basis of each City's needs, its record of performance, and its ability
to postpone some activities until a subsequent year.


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