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TELEPHONE 688-1456
February 14, 1969
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Sir:
It is with deepest concern that this complaint is forwarded
to youo A person can suffer just so much bureaucratic oppression
before something has to be done.
I am attaching a copy of a letter recieved by us around the
first of the year. This is based on an ordinance adopted by the
aldermanic board and approved by you on December 16 and Dece mber
18 respectively.
This particular amend ed section of the code is not practical
to perform or to enforce, this seems to be entirely harass ment
of the citizens of this city who use gas, and for any plumber or
person involved in connecting of appliances.
If this section of
the code is retained it will be necessary for us and I am sure,
many other contractors, to discontinue the practice of connecting
heaters, gas dryers or gas ranges. The performance of work
under the conditions :·of· the amendment would be orohibitive
for us and for our customers.

When citizens want their work done we will have to tell the m
that the City of Atl a nta Government has made it impos sible for '
us to per for m such wor k , we will send them a copy of y our ordin ance
and advise them to tak e their case to the source of the oppressive
legislation .
We would a p precia te an opp ortun i ty to discuss this with y ou
and t o e x plain the i mp ossible situation that this presents .

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