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THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this
day of , 1969, by and between the City of Atlanta, Georgia

(hereinafter called the City) and Central Atlanta Progress, Inc. (hereinafter

' called the C.A.P.).


WHEREAS, detailed Central Atlanta planning as called for in the

City's Approved Land Use Plan, is needed on a continuing basis; and

WHEREAS, the Central Area Planning Policy Committee was
established to guide development of this continuing planning process, said
committee consisting of: the Mayor of Atlanta, Chairman of the Aldermanic
Finance Committee, Chairman of the Aldermanic Planning and Development
Committee, Chairman of C.A.P. Executive Committee, and the President of

C.A.P.; and

WHEREAS, the City Planning Department and the Director of
Planning for C.A.P., have developed a study design, entitled "Central Area
Planning Program", which outlines organization, working arrangement, work

program and financing for the planning process; and

WHEREAS, the U. S. Department of Transportation, U. 5S. Depart-

ment of Housing and Urban Development, and various local agencies have matching

funds and/or services available to finance Central Area studies; and

WHEREAS, a Sub-Area Transportation Study, for which C.A.P,.
has pledged substantial financial ail personal support, is a pre-requisite for

receiving the maximum amount of such funds;


Section 1

The City and the C,A.P. agree to undertake a Central Atlanta
Planning Program as outlined in the Study Design for the Central Atlanta Planning

Process which is included as a reference.

Section 2

The City and the C,A.P. may make any changes deemed desirable

in the study designts work program, which will be used to carry out the Central

Atlanta Planning Program,

Section 3

The C.A.P. agrees to commit $25,000 cash and $43, 000 in-kind
funds with the City's share of $15,000 cash and $29, 000 in-kind funds to help

finance the Planning Program.


Section 4

The City agrees to proceed immediately in applying to the U. S.
Department of Transportation, the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban

Development, and various local agencies for any available matching funds.

Witnesses: City of Atlanta



Central Atlanta Progress, Inc.


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