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Secretary Romney
Page Two
March 21, 1969

that there is a major role here for each department. We would, of
course, be prepared to move ahead quickly with the assurance of the
necessary support from either, but joint participation by both DOT and
HUD would certainly be desirable.

The attached "Study Design for the Central Atlanta Planning Process"
sets forth our program. As you will see, this program calis for major
involvement of many facets of the Atlanta community: the city govern-
ment, through its Department of Planning; the business community,
through Central Atlanta Progress, Inc.; and important local institutions,
such as colleges dn the Atlanta area. The city and the businessmen have
pledged $100, 000 in cash and staff services toward a total cost of $300, 000
for Part I of the study. This part, which would be completed in ten
months, would culminate in preliminary evaluation of alternative plans.
Part , which would follow immediately, would last eight months,
resulting in an adopted plan for Central Atlanta. Funding for Part I
will be worked out during Part I.

This proposed program will put Atlanta in an unusually strong position
to work with the team of consultants in the downtown-oriented study
effort announced March 10 by Secretary Volpe in Pittsburg.

On behalf of the business and civic leaders of Atlanta, I respectfully urge
your agreement to participate in this unique study, which can serve as a
model for all American cities,

If staff discussions would be in order, representatives of the City and
Central Atlanta will be available to meet with your people. My assistant,
Dan Sweat, and Collier Gladin, the City's Chief Planner, will be in
Washington for the National League of Cities Congressional-City
Conference March 30 + April 2 and can meet with your staff during

this period.

Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.


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