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JUNE 9, 1969

Members of the Grant Review Board met on Monday, June 9, 1969, in City Hall
with the following persons present:

Mr. Tom Bello, Administrative Intern

Mr. George Berry, Administrative Coordinator

Mr. Jay Fountain, Deputy Director of Finance

Mr. Collier Gladin, Planning Director

Mr. Don Ingram, Associate Director, Central Atlanta
Progress, Inc. (CAP, Inc.)

Mr. Woody Underwood, Principal Budget Analyst

Mr. Gladin reviewed the status of the joint venture of the City and CAP, Inc. to
develop a plan for the central city, He pointed out that provisions had been made
in the 1969 General Fund Budget of the Planning Department for the program in
that $15,000 had been appropriated for consultant services and that certain staff
assignments had been made for the benefit of the project. Mr. Ingram stated that
in addition to cxisting staff members of CAP, Inc. assigned to the project, at
least $25,000 was available for consultant services to support the project.

Mr. Gladin then reviewed the proposal to utilize this accumulated "local contri-
bution'' to support a grant application to the Départment of Transportation for
grant funds so that the study could be enlarged and its scope broadened. He
stated that a consortium of consulting firms now retained by the Department of
Transportation had expressed interest in the project and it was felt that, to
obtain approval, it would only be necessary to emphasize the transportation
aspects of the program to a greater degree than previously anticipated. He
stated that the accumulated local contribution would make possible a grant of
about $200, 000 with which to undertake the program,

The grant project would be for a term of 18 months. Answering questions by
both Mr, Underwood and Mr. Fountain, both Mr. Gladin and Mr. Ingram stated
that it would not be necessary to create any new positions for the study period.
They stated that the existing staff would be sufficient to administer the study

and that the grant funds would be used for consultant services. Mr. Berry

stated that, if the funds are to be administered by the City, all normal city
requirements as to procedure and expenditure of funds would have to be observed.

The Grant Review Board supported and approved the idea of using the already
appropriated local commitment to generate Federal funds to broaden and enlarge
the Central Atlanta Planning Program, It was felt that traffic and transportation

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was perhaps the most critical problem facing the central city and that the
enlarged study, with emphasis on transportation, would be most appropriate.
Approval was given, therefore, for the filing of the application for such funds.

Mr. Gladin, however, was directed not to include authorization for the Mayor

to execute a grant agreement until an agreement could be executed between

CAP, Inc. and the City of Atlanta which would commit CAP, Inc. to the City

for their share of the local contribution necessary to support the grant application.
The grant agreement itself and the agreement between CAP, Inc. and the City

of Atlanta will be subject to further review by the Grant Review Board and the
appropriate Aldermanic Committee at the time the grant funds are approved.

Respectfully, |

We IA Ge ‘ye [yew

‘George J.} Berry
Acting in the Absence of the Chairman


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