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MARCH 14, 1969

The City of Atlanta Grant Review Board met Friday, March 14, 1969, at
(10:30 a.m. with the following in attendance:

Dan Sweat, Chairman

Jay Fountain, Member

Collier Gladin, Member

E. H. Underwood, Member

Don Ingram, Central Atlanta Progress ,
The Grant Review Board has reviewed the proposal entitled "Study Design for
the Central Atlanta Planning Process.'' We find that to conduct this proposed
study is in the best economic and physical development interests of the City.
At the present time we can find no conflict with other studies and activities,
nor do we find any duplication of effort. We believe that all the coordination
necessary at this time has been achieved. Further, indications are that an
adequate amount of coordination will be maintained by the agencies involved
during the course of the study.

We have examined the City's portions of the proposed funding for the study and

find everything to be in order. The City's cash share amounts agree with the
amounts listed in the Planning Department's 1969 budget for these purposes.
Further, the Planning Department is prepared to make the necessary staff commit-
ments to generate the required non-cash credits.

The recommendation of the Grant Review Board is that the Mayor forward the
above mentioned proposal, along with a suitable letter to the Secretaries of the
Department of Transportation and the Department of Housing and Urban Develop-
ment, The Mayor's transmittal letter should request their review, approval

and determination of the most appropriate federal funding program to be used

in financing this study. Upontheir reply, the City should submit a formal
application to the appropriate department under the program specified.

A copy of the Central Atlanta Action Program Outline is attached.

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