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October 31, 1969 CITY HALL ATLANTA, GA. 30303
Tel, 522-4463 Area Code 404


Housing Resources Committee

Housing Coordinator


TO: Mr, Dan E. Sweat, Jr,
Chief Administrative Officer

Please see attached copy (Encl. 1) of letter to Planning Director, dated
September 25, 1969, (which is self explanatory) requesting assistance in providing
material for inclusion in next revision of the Status Report on Atlanta's Low
and Moderate Income Housing program.

Also see attached copy of reply from the Planning Director, dated October
9, 1969, (Encl. 2).

Note that the reply from the Planning Director proposes certain studies
related to housing to be initiated by the Planning Department. The desirability
of these studies is not questioned, However he calls upon me for assistance in
preparation of the studies, but does not agree to provide any of the information
requested for the Housing Resources Committee for updating the Low and Moderate
Income Housing Status Report,

About two years ago, when I first requested a Statistical Clerk to keep
up the Housing Status Report, I was informed by the Administrative Assistant
that a new position of Planner for housing had just been authorized the Planning
Department and that therefore the Housing Resources Committee should obtain
any needed research and statistical data from the Planning Department,

Consequently, I called upon the Planning Department then for similar
information to that again requested in the attached letter (two years later), As
yet none of the information requested has been provided,

I do not consider this deliberate, or unwillingness to cooperate, but
rather a natural consequence of another Department being so overworked and
preoccupied with numerous details on too many matters, to provide attention
and detailed information to another office, for which that Department is not
directly responsible, I predict that the situation will not improve materially,

Mr. Dan E, Sweat, Jr.
October 31, 1969
Page Two

The information requested for HRC is essential to meaningful revisions
of the Housing Status Report, In order for the City and its officials to have any
concept of progress being made in the Low and Moderate Income Housing program,
it is essential that a Housing Status report be maintained and constantly revised
by someone. No office in the City, other than the Housing Resources Committee,
currently has this information.

On the other hand, it is physically impossible for me (alone) to obtain
the information needed, affect the appropriate updating of the report and at the
same time accomplish other essential coordinating and administrative duties
for which Iam responsible. This is why, for over two years now, I have
repeatedly requested assistance of a Statistical Clerk in this field,

Mr. W. W. Gates, who as FHA oriented Housing Consultant to HRC
one day per week, was very helpful. However, after working for over a year
with no pay, he has discontinued serving,

In the absence of other assistance, last summer I requested and obtained
the services of an Urban Corps Intern, primarily to work on updating the Housing
Status Report. However, he was more interested in changing the system than in
obtaining the needed information, Consequently, much essential information
pertaining to respective housing projects, such as bedroom composition, monthly
rentals or purchase payments, utility costs and estimated time of completion
of many projects has not yet been obtained,

An additional effort this fall to obtain another Urban Corps Intern to
assist in this field has not been successful.

When I was initially approached by the Administrative Assistant with view
to taking over the functions of Executive Director of the Citizens Advisory
Committee for Urban Renewal, in addition to my other duties, I was informed
that I would get an assistant, Last July, during Mr. Landers' last month of
duty, he reiterated that he planned to provide me with an assistant who, could
not only be charged with monitoring and revising the constantly changing Status
Report on Low and Moderate Income Housing, but who would also be capable of
assisting in coordinating other housing matters, such as promoting housing with
builders, representing me in conferences and even on occasions, possibly
conducting meetings on housing matters,

Recent difficulties in adoption of a satisfactory workable Housing Code
Enforcement Plan, preparation of the Breakthrough application, housing in
Model Cities and proposed housing improvements in other NDP areas, appears
to justify additional coordinating efforts in the housing field, In addition, such
assistant should be capable and trained to take over my duties as Administrative
Coordinator for Housing when I retire,

Mr. Dan E, Sweat, Jr,
October 31, 1969
Page Three

Consequently, I

recommend that provision be made in the 1970 Budget
for an assistant,


Wojcleelds _———
Malcolm D. Jones
Administrative Coordinator for Housing

Encls: Copy letter dated Sept. 25, 1969
Copy reply dated October 9, 1969

cc: Mr, Cecil A, Alexander
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.

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