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Octobe:r• 8j) 1969
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Propo s ed Neighborhood Devel opmen t Pr ogram for 197 0 .
Mr. Howard Openshaw, Direc tor of Redeve lo pment for the Atlan t a Housing Autho ri t y, outlined Atlanta 's propo sed Neighb o rhood De velopment Pr ogram fo r 1970.
The Program c onta ins eight neighb orhood s:
GA. Tech I I
Model Cities
Vine Cit y·
·?H,igh tning
·:}Plunket town
~-OA. State

New Areas

Maps and statistical summary indi c ating the proposed action program in individual areas was dis cussed. In summary, the 1970 ND? Program proposes the
acquisition of 922 parcels of land, relocation of 1 392 families and individuals, demolition of 922 structures, rehabilitation of 830 structures and
disp osition of 116 acres of land.
As a housing resource for families displaced in- the 1970 program, the Housing Authority will complet9 and h ave ready for occupancy 2033 public housing
units and 650 dwelling uni ts for families of low and moderate income.
The gross p r oject cost of the 1970 NDP program is 27.4 million dollars. The
federal capital grant requested is 20.7 million, the local share is 8.5
million, 7.3 Million includes non-cash grants-in-aid to be provided by the
City and 1.2 million in c ash tojbe provided by the Board of Regents . Following HUD approval of addition section 112 c redits of 1.1 million dollars,
the cash required by the Bo ard of Regents will be reduced to $165,880.
On September 23, 1969, the Department of Housing and Urban Develo pment advised the Atlanta Housing Authori ty that $24,000,000 has been established
as the amount available ·fo r the 1970 activity o f the six NeiF,hborhood Development Programg now unde rway in Re gion III. This r eprese nts 45.9% of
the f ederal capit al grant funds available in the Region for 1969.
The Region al office of HUD will allocate the available funds for 197 0 NDP
activi t ies on the basis of each City ' s needs, its record of perfo rmance,
and its ability to postpone some acti viti es until a subsequent year.
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